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Mad cow disease found in California; no human threat seen - Infections

Authorities reported the country’s first case of mad cow disease in six years on Tuesday, swiftly assuring consumers and global importers that there was no danger of meat from the California dairy cow entering the food chain.

Despite assurances from Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack that the finding posed “no risk to the food supply or to human health”, two major South Korean retailers halted sales of U.S. beef and the government there said it may suspend quarantine inspections, a move that would effectively halt imports.

Fears of a potential backlash among consumers and big importers of U.S. beef fueled a sell-off in Chicago live cattle futures on Tuesday, with memories still sharp of the first case in 2003 that caused a $3 billion drop in exports. It took until 2011 before those exports fully recovered.

Mexico said it would maintain beef trade with the United States, while Japan, which only imports U.S. cattle below 20 months of age after previous mad cow cases, said it would take no immediate action.

Experts said the case was “atypical” - meaning it was a rare occurrence in which a cow contracts the disease spontaneously, rather than through the feed supply.

The risk of transmission generally comes when the brain or spinal tissue of an animal with BSE, or mad cow disease, is consumed by humans or another animal, which did not occur in this case.

First discovered in Britain in 1986, the disease has killed more than 150 people and 184,000 cows globally, mainly in Britain and Europe, but strict controls have tempered its spread. The first U.S. case was found in late 2003 in an animal imported from Canada, followed by two more in 2005 and 2006. Two of those cases were also “atypical”.

“I would say this is an extremely isolated, atypical event,” said Dr. Bruce Akey, professor of veterinary medicine and director of the Animal Health Diagnostic Center at Cornell University, which tests for Mad Cow and Chronic Wasting diseases for New York state and several Northeastern states.

“There is still no evidence at all that BSE is anything but an extremely rare event in the United States, and nothing that poses a threat to the human or animal food chain.”

Import restrictions from major customers would deal a fresh blow to companies such as Tyson Foods Inc and Brazil-based JBS that are still smarting from the “pink slime” furor.

Officials at Korea’s agriculture ministry said an outright import ban was unlikely.

“It won’t be an import ban, but possibly a quarantine suspension,” a spokesman at the Korean agriculture ministry said.

Korean retailer Lotte Mart, a unit of Lotte Shopping Co., said it had suspended sales due to what it said was “customer concerns”, as did Home Plus, a unit of Britain’s Tesco PLC.


The USDA has begun notifying authorities at the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE) as well as U.S. trading partners, said John Clifford, the USDA’s chief veterinary officer.

“The systems and safeguards in place to protect animal and human health worked as planned to identify this case quickly and will ensure that it presents no risk to the food supply or to human health,” Vilsack said in a statement.

The USDA is still tracing the exact life of the infected animal, and the carcass of the cow is under quarantine and would be destroyed.

The cow was found at a rendering plant, which processes diseased or sick animals into mainly non-edible products for use in things like soap or glue.

Live cattle futures on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange edged higher in Asian trade on Wednesday after falling by the daily 3-cent-per-pound limit in the previous session. The June live cattle contract was up 0.4 percent at 112 cents per lb by 0305 GMT.

source:: Mad cow disease found in California; no human threat seen - Infections -

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new tattoo zayn malik "one direction"

After tattooing in the lower left collarbone (the part between the neck and chest), now the personnel 'One Direction' Zayn Malik adds another tattoo. The 20-year-old singer back to tattooing his body at the neck.

Zayn tattooing tattoo around his neck in place when the 'One Direction' was a concert in New Zealand. He then upload their pictures on Twitter bare chest to show off his new tattoo.

Indeed, his new tattoo designs that have not seen. However, as reported by the Daily Mail, Tuesday (24/04/2012) Zayn's new tattoo picture of the silver fern is the symbol of New Zealand.

Just earlier this month Zayn tattooing his body with a post. British-born singer also revealed via Twitter that the meaning of his tattoo.

"For every1 asking what the new TATT means it says be true to WHO you are," writes Zayn via @ZaynMalik.

Tattoo that he has made in New Zealand is the fifth tattoo. He has a tattoo of his grandfather's name in Arabic script, which has a Japanese symbol meaning 'born lucky, and the symbol of yin and yang.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

jennifer love hewitt maxim

jennifer love hewitt maxim

Jennifer Love Hewitt had been named as an artist who has the sexiest body in People magazine in 2011 when he was spotted with confidence showing off her cleavage. Hewitt is not afraid to admit that she has amazing breasts, "I'm reluctant to say, but I like my breasts," she told Maxim in his cover story for the month of April, when asked which body part he's most proud of.

Here are hot pictures of Jennifer Love Hewitt in Maxim magazine April 2012 (click on image to enlarge):

jennifer love hewitt maxim

jennifer love hewitt maxim

jennifer love hewitt maxim

jennifer love hewitt maxim

jennifer love hewitt maxim

Mel Gibson hate jewish and Jhon Lennon ?

John Lennon

A writer named Joe Eszterhas suddenly manufacture a arena with all the 9 nine-page article he wrote something like Mel Gibson. Dressed in it, he claims with the purpose of the Braveheart star was John Lennon haters and ex-girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva.

In the function of reported by The Sun, Joe wrote a long message is in an American website. He too quoted the language of Mel who uttered their dislikes on the frontman of The Beatles.

"I'm glad he's silent. He deserves a shot. Messianic shit. Just snoop to the song! Imagine. I hate with the purpose of damn song. I'm glad he's silent," the costing was printed by Joe.

Dressed in addition to her hatred of John Lennon, Joe's statement confirms the nature of radical Mel Gibson. One of them, the recognition of Oksana Grigorieva Mel him, the past being split up in 2010. Mel supposed with the purpose of he wants to get something done anal femininity with Oksana and therefore stabbed with a knife.

Do not cease in attendance, the writer who had premeditated to manufacture filmTHE Maccabees with Mel too revealed why the film abortive to be produced. The cause is not any other than Mel hatred on the Jews.

"Finally, I conclude with the purpose of the mind you are not working on the film The Maccabees are the most horrible excuse increasingly. You hate Jews," wrote Joe again.

But please get something done not respond to claims with the purpose of Mel simply asserts with the purpose of the language printed by Joe's all fake. He did not feel like to over-respond. Which is correct? Do you think?

Mel Gibson denies death of John Lennon Happy Top

Mel Gibson

Mel Gibson has denied allegations with the purpose of he had held with the purpose of frontmant The Beatles, John Lennon, deserve to be shot and go down.

Braveheart actor was accused of having verbal a come to of controversial statements by a screenwriter, Joe Eszterhas, who after worked next to Gibson in support of the film THE MACABEES. By Eszterhas, Gibson is a hater's song Imagine The Beatles.

"I'm glad he (John Lennon) died. He deserves a shot. He was a Messianic shit! Just pay attention to the song Imagine. I really hate with the purpose of song. I was pleased with his death," Eszterhas held quoting Gibson.

Statement of Eszterhas was the minute denied by Gibson. According to a boom in print in TMZ, Gibson told links with the purpose of he had not at all uttered a sentence as declared by Eszterhas.

Taking part in information, a source held with the purpose of the Beatles really played quite often next to the residence of Mel Gibson. "It's not something unknown sounding songs of The Beatles next to the Gibson back home," held the source.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Scandal Secret Service History: Sex

Black suits, sunglasses, cool development, they are the ones who pass the selection options superketat and drill with no stopping. His duty to attendant and watch over principal natives, especially the President of the United States. Being a living protect.

Secret Service, U.S. Special forces bodyguards, had a long history since 1865. Into addition to records of John F Kennedy's failure to watch over from brutal shooting, and almost missed the attack on President Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan, they were almost flawless reputation. Until 2012, this.

Amid the ongoing Summit of the Americas countries of Colombia, the Secret Service assigned to watch over President Barack Obama, it makes the infringement news.

A complete of 11 members of security forces so-called bags of the president's slip terminated prostitution in Cartagena. They at the end of the day sent at home young.

CBS sources assumed, the special guard was involved in payment disputes with a amount of viable gender workers. One of the prostitutes were reported to the patrol, who continued the awkward news with the intention of the State Department.

Ronald Kessler, author of "In the President's Service" was called the biggest scandal constantly practiced Secret Service.

Although not the leading, is a slap awkward matter with the intention of constantly happened. Previously, a Secret Service agent arrested on suspicion of drunk driving in Iowa. Though she became part of the security team assigned to set up the Obama automobile tour. Or as soon as they missed the team Michaele and Tareq Salahi who infiltrated the state feast Obama.

Kessler assumed, what did you say? Kind of money in Colombia is very surprising. Into piece of evidence, since it involves a supervisor, this may possibly be a sign with the intention of indecent assault is a inexperienced trend. "It's unbelievable and incredible cause embarrassment designed for the U.S.."

Could jeopardize

Meanwhile, as the position loaded Politico, Republican politicians, Darrel Issa suspect, a gender scandal with the intention of overshadowed Obama's visit in Colombia, not the leading place.

"The investigation needs to be finished is not more or less how many were involved, 11 or 20, or more. But, how often this happened already," he assumed, Sunday, April 15, 2012. "Events like this not merely happened just the once."

Issa as well believe, the amount of agents involved in this controversy more than reported. He as well dismissed, Obama was in no way in danger in his visit abroad, since of this shameful scandal.

"In this casing, the president may possibly not be in danger. However, think, what did you say? Happens if an agent is squeezed by it six months or six years past?," He assumed. Actions with the intention of may possibly be awkward incidents with the intention of endanger the gate of the principal natives in the U.S..

What is well-known, the seven members of the Secret Service was discharged since of alleged irregularities. Moments presently revealed, the five members of the U.S. Forces as well reported to be involved in the scandal.

Obama's consequence? The fair House assumed Obama had been briefed more or less the happening, but they fix not choose to call what did you say? The U.S. Consequence was amount single.

"The president has chock-a-block confidence to the Secret Service," assumed presidential spokesman Jay Carney as in print by FOX News on Sunday night.

With this scandal, if the Secret Service is still worthy of the slogan, "Worthy of Trust and Confidence" alias "Worthy of Trust and Reliability"?

Secret Service Dating

Barack Obama is still awaiting the results of the investigation involved 12 agents of the presidential security service and U.S. Facilities (Secret Service), which tripped the pencil case of prostitution in Cartagena, Colombia. Obama was livid after they were all exposed to be involved.

Being reported by the Los Angeles Times, 15 April 2012, Obama really hope all the American lobby group, with his guards to conduct yourself and sham in accordance with the "dignified and law-abiding nucleus."

President Obama was in Cartagena, Colombia, to attend the Summit of the Americas countries in Colombia. The engagement was attended by more than 30 globe leaders.

The closure of international trial, in a speech to globe leaders, Obama delivered a thwack Secret on the order of the pencil case its service. Obama will stop until the investigation is completed sooner than the assessment of the agency affected by the pencil case.

But in the other supply, Obama believed the agents and officers around him is a very powerful force. "They make sure of a tremendous job, everyday I look after my personal and U.S. Officials," believed Obama.

A come to of 12 members of the Secret Service is estimated to network with sexual characteristics workers. They are a team to facilitate came sooner than Obama inwards. Although part of the Secret Service, 12 were not part of the Presidential Protection Division. They are tasked with given that security in lieu of the U.S. Government, buildings, and officials.

"When we travel to other countries, we characterize the United States," Obama believed. Obama hopes the U.S. Lobby group members continually reveal the "highest principles," believed Obama. "Because we are at this juncture on behalf of our inhabit."

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Piermario Morosini, died after having a heart attack during a match

Football Italia was dogged by grief over Livorno midfielder, Piermario Morosini, died after having a heart attack during a match.

The incident occurred when the host Livorno face further action Pescara in Serie B Italy. In minute 31 Morosini suddenly had a seizure and then fell on the ground.

Immediately, the medical team headed straight to the field and perform first aid before being taken to the hospital to avoid unwanted things. Game time

But dear God willing and the other on its way to the hospital, Morosini is only 25 years old, his last breath.

"He suffered cardiac arrest. Unfortunately the dead when the ambulance arrived. He could not realize," said the doctor De Blasi as reported by Football Italia.

Morosini is a Udinese player who was on loan to Serie B club Livorno. He never entered the Italian Under-21 national team. He had joined earlier this year with Livorno and made ​​eight appearances.

RIP,  Piermario Morosini

Friday, April 13, 2012

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are engaged

After a relationship without marriage for 7 years, the couple finally Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are engaged. They say the couple is dating for romance in the movie 'Mr. & Mrs. Smith' had been wearing a ring on his finger.

The happy news was confirmed directly by Brad Pitt's manager, Cynthia Pett-Dante. Reported by TMZ, Dante confirmed if Pitt and Jolie have been engaged, but they have not set a wedding date.

On Wednesday (4/11/2011) ago, Jolie caught on camera using the engagement ring on her finger. From there it blows news of their engagement. Sure enough, now they have been authorized to stage a more serious relationship.

Seriousness of the association of a courting couple in 2005 it was clearly visible. Although not married, they already have six children - three adopted children and three biological children -.

Pitt and Jolie previously said he would not marry until same-sex couples can marry. But for some reason the kids, they finally decided to formalize their relationship into marriage.

If the marriage takes place, then this will be the second marriage for Pitt and Jolie's third. 36 year-old actress was previously married to actors Jonny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thornton. While Pitt was married to Jennifer Aniston.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Reds sign infielder Brandon Phillips to 6-year, $72.5M deal

AHN Sports Staff
Cincinnati, OH, United States (AHN Sports) – The Cincinnati Reds continued signing their top players Tuesday, inking second baseman Brandon Phillips to a 6-year deal reportedly worth $72.5 million.
Although Phillips has no homers or RBI yet on the season, he is 3-for-7 with two runs scored in his last two games.
“Brandon is one of the great second basemen in baseball,” Reds CEO Bob Castellini said, according to “He’s also fantastic off the field. He represents the franchise with a big smile all the time. He really relates to the fans and vice versa.”
Phillips was emotional about playing in a place he loves for years to come.
“I cried about this. This is where I wanted to be,” Phillips said. “I’m still … you know … loss of words right now, for me to play in the city I really love. The fans have embraced me and they love me and I love them back.”

Monday, April 9, 2012

Buy the Ring, Lady Gaga Will Marry?

Singer Lady Gaga just turned to-26. Not long after that age accretion, Gaga and her boyfriend, Taylor Kinney bought the ring. Was a wedding ring?

According to a source close to both, the ring is a symbol that they want a serious relationship. "The ring was a sign that they are thinking of getting married," said the source told

The source added, Gaga and Kinney really fell in love. "Kinney Gaga was absolutely brilliant, seen hanging out with her ​​friends. Gaga saw him immediately called Mrs. Gaga," said the source.

Relationship of love Gaga and Kinney conducted since October 2011 last. They were going out after clashing acting in the video clip 'You & I'. Kinney is a single star of the latest video clips 25 year-old singer.

Now they are getting serious. When Gaga's birthday, Vampire Diaries star is giving a gift of a dog. Singer of 'Born This Way' was then reciprocate by buying her a cat lover. Pets are given to Kinney still remember him even though he lived to undergo a world tour.

Facebook buys Instagram for $1 bn

The Zuck™:
I’m excited to share the news that we’ve agreed to acquire Instagram and that their talented team will be joining Facebook.
We’re committed to building and growing Instagram independently. Millions of people around the world love the Instagram app and the brand associated with it, and our goal is to help spread this app and brand to even more people.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Mike Wallace is dead

Washington DC: Mike Wallace, a journalist who has a big hand in popularizing the show 60 Minutes died in New Haven, USA, Saturday (7/4). 93-year-old man, as reported by Hollywoodlife website on Sunday (8/4), died peacefully at the side of the people he loves.

These last few years, he struggled against declining health condition. Although sad, the family wants the best for Mike.

Mike Wallace has been reversed 60 Minutes for 38 years, before deciding to retire in 2006. During his career, he received 21 Emmy Awards and Peabody Awards.

Good-by, Mike Wallace!

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Jennifer Love Hewitt dating with Adam Levine ?

Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt recently broke her boyfriend Jaron Einsohn. Although recognized happy to be back "singles", women of 33 years he hopes to soon find a new lover.

Found in the talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Hewitt threw costs. If you must choose, he would go out with Adam Levine, lead singer of Maroon 5, who also recently split from model Anne Vyalitsyna.

"I just found out two days ago, Adam Levine unique status. We both seem to correspond to when a partner,".

A few days ago, Levine a former girlfriend, Anne, tells the story of his love. Victoria Secret models have been completed and romantic. He said were still good friends with Adam

' Painter of Light ' Thomas Kinkade dead at 54

Thomas Kinkade, the "painter of light," whose paintings and prints hang in one out of every 20 American homes, is dead at the age of 54. A statement from his family says Kinkade died from natural causes on Friday (April 6) at his Los Gatos, Calif., home.

"Thom provided a wonderful life for his family," his wife Nanette says of the artist in a statement to the San Jose Mercury News. "We are shocked and saddened by his death."
Thomas Kinkade was never a favorite with critics -- his Christmas paintings and other scenes of wholesome American cottage scenes -- are often dismissed as kitschy. But fans love the warm paintings and Kinkade's talent for painting light.

As news of his death hit the Internet, Thomas Kinkade fans poured out their tributes on Twitter and other social networking sites, though they were outnumbered by critics of his work who turned out en masse to make light of his death. 
"I try to create paintings that are a window for the imagination," Kinkade said on his website. "If people look at my work and are reminded of the way things once were or perhaps the way they could be, then I've done my job."

Guitar man Jim Marshall died

Jim Marshall, who was dubbed 'The Father of Loud', was 88 years old. Famous for his pioneering work on guitar amplifiers, he was a drummer and drum teacher who ran a music shop in London in 1960 where his customers included such greats as Pete Townshend and Ritchie Blackmore.

Among the musicians paying their respects to the late innovator was former Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash, who tweeted: "The news of Jim Marshall passing is deeply saddening. R & R will never be the same w/out him. But, his amps will live on FOREVER!"

Marshall Amps posted a tribute to its founder on its website. It read: "It is with profound sorrow that we announce the passing of our beloved founder and leader for the past 50 years, Jim Marshall. While mourning the Guv'nor though, we also salute a legendary man who led a full and truly remarkable life."

Friday, April 6, 2012

Amanda Bynes arrested for DUI

Actress Amanda Bynes is behind bars after being arrested for driving under the influence early in the morning on April 6.

According to TMZ, the "Hairspray" star tried to pass a police car in Hollywood around 3 a.m. when she sideswiped the vehicle. The cops pulled her over, and subsequently booked her for a DUI. Her bail has been set at $5,000.

This isn't Bynes' first run-in with the cops in recent months. Back in March, the actress bolted from the cops as a policeman was writing her a ticket. He'd pulled her over for talking on her phone while driving, and decided not to pursue her since he'd already written down her information. Amanda Bynes later dropped by the police station to sign her ticket.

Bynes turned 26 on April 3 -- maybe she was still celebrating.

Virus expert: Mac is no more secure than Windows

Only the lowest penetration of the market protects Apple computers
As an advantage of Windows on Mac security often the platform is headed. Windows computers are often plagued by viruses and malware that Apple computers. If true, does not mean that Macs are more secure than Microsoft's operating system, therefore, as a security expert Andreas Marx explains in an interview with heise.
Windows 60 000 parasites per day
Marx is the head of the German Security AV-Test, the testing company on behalf of anti-virus software. In addition, unprotected computers connected to the Internet, to see how fast they are infected with viruses and this new pest drag on the Internet. According to Marx, were counted in 2010 per day up to 60,000 different pests for Windows machines, while on Mac, Linux and mobile operating system were on average only about 50.
Mac is also vulnerable
This does not mean that Macs are safer and less to give viruses. Apple computers are just a matter less of a threat, because Mac has a lower market penetration of commercial Windows and virus writers. The platform the most widely used is the purpose lukrativstes, and it's Windows. "If you put yourself in the situation, but virtually pest-programmer, Mac OS X can be an attractive target, but should be the platform programming," said Marx. The security expert believes that the number will increase attacks on the Mac. Current Mac viruses as a trial balloon could be seen for virus writers to try how fast they spread. Marx: "This proves that the Mac platform is vulnerable."
Anti-virus software does not pay for Mac users
The integrated file quarantine and signatures Mac OS X, however, Marx holds for "sham". The list of signatures will not be updated regularly and covers only a few signatures. "All anti-virus software protects better here," says the boss of AV. A simple virus scanner would be useful for Mac users, but not right now. If so, then the software should protect against other threats such as phishing sites or traps subscription. For this you can also use some alternative DNS servers from Symantec. It is also recommended for the weak, because anti-virus software often need many resources. Malicious software sent by e-mail can be filtered and the appropriate service provider.
Apple responds too slowly
Marx criticized reports that vulnerabilities Apple does not seem to take too seriously. Microsoft responds quickly with a response from Apple was not so obvious. On both platforms, but it could take a long time to be released patch. In general, would be published soon on Windows Update, as indicated in the current issue of c't. Apple let the sometimes very long time, to be released update. It comes from, but probably less of a lack of knowledge among developers as to the prioritization of management

Navy jet crashes Virginia apartment complex; some residents are still missing

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (AP) — Two Navy pilots ejected from a fighter jet Friday, sending their unmanned plane careening into a Virginia Beach apartment complex and engulfing several buildings in flames.

The plane had dumped loads of fuel before crashing, though it wasn’t clear if that was because of a malfunction or an intentional maneuver by the pilots, said Capt. Mark Weisgerber with U.S. Fleet Forces Command.

Seven people were injured, including both pilots, though all were expected to survive. Authorities were still combing through the wreckage of some 40 apartment units, and they said some residents of the complex still had not been accounted for. The pilots were a student and instructor, Weisgerber said.

Bruce Nedelka, the Virginia Beach EMS division chief, said that witnesses saw fuel being dumped from the jet before it went down, and that fuel was found on buildings and vehicles in the area. The plane not having as much fuel on board “mitigated what could have been an absolute massive, massive fireball and fire,” Nedelka said. “With all of that jet fuel dumped, it was much less than what it could have been.”

The crash happened in the Hampton Roads area, which has a large concentration of military bases, including Naval Station Norfolk, the largest naval base in the world. Naval Air Station Oceana, where the F/A-18D that crashed was assigned, is located in Virginia Beach.
Dozens of police cars, fire trucks and other emergency vehicles filled the densely populated neighborhood where the plane crashed. Yellow fire hoses snaked through side streets as fire crews poured water on the charred rooftops of brick apartment houses. By late afternoon, the fire had been put out.

Residents of the apartment complex described a confusing scene and an apologetic pilot. Colby Smith said his house started shaking and then the power went out, as he saw a red and orange blaze outside his window. He ran outside, where he saw billowing black smoke and then came upon the pilot as he ran to a friend’s home.

“I saw the parachute on the house and he was still connected to it, and he was laying on the ground with his face full of blood,” Smith told WVEC-TV. “The pilot said, ‘I’m sorry for destroying your house.’”

Smith said he and another man helped the pilot onto the street.

Patrick Kavanaugh, who lives in the complex where the jet crashed, opened up his sliding glass door after hearing a loud explosion and saw one of the jet’s pilots on the ground with blood on his face. Kavanaugh said the pilot, whom he described as a “young boy,” was very upset and apologetic.

“The poor guy was in shock. I checked for broken bones and opened wounds,” said Kavanaugh, who spent 23 years in the rescue squad and retired in 1996.

Despite having suffered several heart attacks and open-heart surgery, Kavanaugh said his old rescue skills kicked in as he dragged the pilot around the corner and away from the fire before several other explosions occurred.

As authorities closed roads in the neighborhood, traffic backed up on side streets and on nearby Interstate 264, with slow-moving columns of vehicles bringing drivers to a virtual standstill early Friday afternoon.

Edna Lukens, who works at the apartment complex across the street from the crash, said she saw three apartment buildings on fire. “We heard this loud noise and we looked out the window and there was smoke all in the sky. Then the flames started going up in the sky, and then the apartment building just started burning and the police was called and everybody came out,” Lukens said.

Felissa Ezell, 71, was sitting in a folding chair outside her townhouse near the crash site Friday and recalled hearing the crash as she returned home earlier in the day. “Oh, my God, I heard three really loud explosions, then the black smoke went up high in the sky,” she said.

The same model of fighter jet, an F/A-18D, crashed in December 2008 while returning to Marine Corps Air Station Miramar after a training exercise in a San Diego neighborhood. That crash killed four members of one family and destroyed two homes.

The Marine Corps said the jet suffered a mechanical failure, but a series of bad decisions led the pilot — a student — to bypass a potentially safe landing at a coastal Navy base after his engine failed. The pilot ejected and told investigators he screamed in horror as he watched the jet plow into the neighborhood, incinerating two homes. A federal judge ordered the U.S. government to pay the family nearly $18 million in restitution.source
 navi jet crash video

Kinostar Tyler Perry

His humor is massive, his figures seem simplistic, critics accuse him of racism behind: But black U.S. film mogul Tyler Perry is one of the best kept secrets in Hollywood - and produces success at the box office after another.

African-American actors like Will Smith, Forest Whitaker and Eddie Murphy are the Hollywood cinema has long been indispensable. We have grown accustomed to having what police both as pirates, presidents like bums black faces possible. But what about the power behind the scenes? Who knows a black studio boss? Or even heard of Tyler Perry?

His films are called "Diary of a Mad Black", "Daddy Little Girls" and "Why Did I Get Married". Tyler Perry comedies that is not only marketed itself, for which he wrote all the scripts and directing. But when it is usually the main character - an overweight, and gun-toting grandmother zeternde black named Madea - played. Successfully: Meanwhile, Perry led by the magazine "Forbes" as the third richest African-American actor.

Tip for all

However, the media mogul Black is still one of the best kept secrets in Hollywood. And although self-taught 39 years last October - with Will Smith, Oprah Winfrey and Sidney Poitier as guests of honor - his own wide open studio complex in Atlanta. More than 25 million DVDs of his films, he has already been sold, in addition to his screen projects, he produced several shows this summer, as the fledgling sitcom "Meet The Browns".

Is Tyler Perry, the white establishment to little attention, is not only self-sufficient in its operation, the absence of critical insights and conventional advertising, but also in the niche market it serves. Although none of his films were always in a European location, Tyler Perry is black in America long ago that the house brand. Because he has an audience by word of mouth attracted in cinema, movie theaters so far avoided most: African-American practitioners, families, grandmothers. Who had never been seen before black snakes queue old ladies in front of a box office?

Sidney Poitier, the grand old African-American film think you know why Perry is so successful: "It speaks to an audience that does not consider the film industry for decades an audience that reflects like him again in his own image would look -. On average, affectionate, bad people. "

The faithful also helped the film being Perry, "Madea Goes To Jail" - against all the dire predictions of the experts - the blockbuster status: Already the opening weekend, playing the comedy of a 41 million U.S. dollars. A margin which is itself quite a few Hollywood greats in the shadows: "The name of Tyler Perry," said the magazine industry "Media By Numbers", "guarantee continued success as the only Harry Potter . "

The newspaper was referring to the seven films that led African Americans in the last four years, the average income of $ 45 million - at a cost much less than ten million dollars. Even more amazing, these numbers when you consider that Perry's films uses a non-white to 95 percent of the audience.

Creativity, stereotypes, commercialism

How films depict blacks is still controversial with critics. Not without good reason they call character Perry as a crude, simple-minded as his humor and film subjects such as boxes relations melodramatic.

Even worse, they accuse him of unconscious racism, "Perry has some of the old Hollywood stereotypes of the era of apartheid exhumed," said Todd Boyd, professor says to pop culture at the University of Southern California, "Blacks are also often slow and stupid. now reinterpret these prejudices Perry films for a new era."

But as "Madea" comedy made even woodcuts - they obviously meet a widespread need. The desire to see blacks in everyday interactions. Or, as Eugene Robinson in the "Washington Post," writes to let the "Magic Negro" paradigm behind them: Although the definition in Hollywood, black characters usually only about their relationship with the white world, they will be in Perry , at least not a moral function in conditions imposed on the majority society.

Perry studied his audience from beginning to earth: His films based on plays that toured the auto dealership for years by former African-American churches and community centers. Raised in a poor neighborhood of New Orleans, the father abused the mother going to stop the violence on how regularly dragged into the harbor of the Black Church, Perry gathered here, character studies, from which he then built his theater and screen characters.

Individual combatants, Earth's magnetic

In the end the advice that Oprah Winfrey has led to his own way: It would be cathartic to write your feelings, she said in her TV show. Perry wrote in the following letters for himself, his anger on his father and treated the youth has failed and turned it in 1992, his first play: "I know I've changed." Then he built a following on stubbornly. He slept in the car to save on rent, and often visited 350 days a year through the black neighborhoods of Cleveland from Newark to Houston.

When he got the idea in 2002, bringing his comedy to the screen, it might be the major studios rejected. "True blacks are lost, but for movies anyway," he is a representative of Paramount Pictures said openly.

Perry has made every effort to rebut this: He made disparaging remarks of his white boss in a studio down the country churches, sold-out spectacle. With a predictable effect: the public was outraged boos and prompted more than ever watching Perry debut album "Diary Of A Mad Black Woman" film. For many it was the first time they entered a of the most infamous play of light.

And it's probably "Madea Goes to Jail" not be the last film in cinema history of Perry wrote down. Grandmother Madea in Afro-America has long past to become a pop icon. A force of nature, which is not without a plan to stop by to Gag Gag shaking scenarios. Weaknesses of all directed with heart and down to earth wisdom compensates.

And if the "New York Times" Perry as "one of the few genuine populists in the American film industry" means, it could go no recommendation Oscar. Black filmmakers but take it as a compliment. Finally, to Hollywood at the end figures count only cash.

Bobby Petrino: Who Is Jessica Dorrell, Passenger In Arkansas Coach's Motorcycle Accident?

(Photo: University of Arkansas)
Arkansas Razorbacks football coach Bobby Petrino had a 25-year-old woman (Jessica Dorrell, pictured here) riding with him on his motorcycle when he crashed the vehicle over the weekend in an accident that led to his hospitalization, according to a police report of the incident released by the Arkansas State Police.

The report indicated 25-year-old Jessica Dorrell, was a passenger on the motorcycle. She was not taken to the hospital for injuries. Dorrell is an assistant director of the University's Razorback Foundation.
Petrino, 51, is married with four children and did not indicate that he was riding with a passenger when he held a news conference about the incident Tuesday, according to the Associated Press.

The school also said in an earlier statement that the accident "involved no other individuals," according to

A University of Arkansas spokesman said the university was working on a statement in light of the development.

Petrino suffered a broken rib and a strained neck in the one-vehicle crash, which occurred Sunday night on Arkansas Highway 16 in Madison County near Crosses, a small town about 20 miles from the University of Arkansas campus in Fayetteville.

Petrino, who coached at the University of Louisville and the NFL's Atlanta Falcons before becoming head coach at Arkansas, guided the Razorbacks to an 11-2 record last season, which included a 29-16 victory over Kansas State in the Cotton Bowl.
Dorrell was also engaged to Josh Morgan and her wedding is scheduled for June, according to

The 25-year-old woman played volleyball at Arkansas and earned All-SEC honors, according to her bio. She graduated from the univeristy in 2008 with a degree in finance and marketing and earned her master's in business administration at the school in 2010. 

Bobby Petrino, Arkansas Football Coach, Admits to Affair with Employee

University of Arkansas Head Football Coach Bobby Petrino was placed on administrative leave yesterday after he admitted to a "previous inappropriate relationship" with a former student and current school employee.
Athletic Director Jeff Long made the announcement at a press conference, as the news came to light after Petrino was involved in a motorcycle accident this week and forced to admit he was riding with 25-year old Jessica Dorrell.
Arkansas Coach
"I'm at the beginning of the review. I don't know what I'm going to find," Long said. "I hope to have a resolution soon. I certainly don't have all the answers here tonight, as we meet. But again, I have an obligation and responsibility to obtain the information and then act appropriately on that information."
Petrino is married with four children.
At his press conference on Tuesday, following the crash, he claimed he was alone on the vehicle. But a police report released later in the week revealed otherwise, forcing the coach to reveal the truth about Dorrell.
Said Petrino - who is already widely hated by football fans after he bailed on the Atlanta Falcons in 2007, just 13 games into his first season at their helm - in a statement:
"My concern was to protect my family and a previous inappropriate relationship from becoming public," he said. "In hindsight, I showed a serious mistake in judgment when I chose not to be more specific about those details. Today, I've acknowledged this previous inappropriate relationship with my family and those within the athletic department administration.
"I will fully cooperate with the university throughout this process and my hope is to repair my relationships with my family, my athletic director, the Razorback Nation and remain the head coach of the Razorbacks."
source: at: thehollywoodgossip

Arkansas football coach Bobby Petrino

Arkansas football coach Bobby Petrino has been put on paid leave.
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kanye west theraflu lyrics

Theraflu Lyrics performed by Kanye West Ft. DJ Khaled

(Unh, Can The Headphones Go Louder?)
(Swag King Cole)

[Kanye West]
Can’t A Young Nigga Get Money Anymore?
Tell PETA My Mink Is Draggin’ On The Floor
Can I Have A Bad Bitch Wit’out No Flaws
Come To Meet Me Wit’out No Drawers?
Dinner With Anna Wintour, Racin’ Wit’ Anja Rubik
I Told You Ma’fuckers It Was More Than The Music
In The Projects One Day To Project Runway
We Done Heard All That Loud-ass Talkin’, We Used To It
I’m From Where Shorties Fucked Up, Double-cupped Up
Might Even Kill Somebody And YouTube It
So Whoever Think They Words Affect Me Is Too Stupid
And If You Could Do It Better Than Me, Then You Do It
We Flyer Than The Parakeet, Floatin’ Wit’ No Parachute
Six Thousand-dollar Pair Of Shoes, We Made It To The Paris News!
Don’t Talk About Style, ‘cause I Embarrass You
Shut The Fuck Up When You Talk To Me ‘fore I Embarrass You

Can’t A Young Nigga Get Money Anymore?
Tell PETA My Mink Is Draggin’ On The Floor
Can I Have A Bad Bitch Wit’out No Flaws
Come To Meet Me Wit’out No Drawers?

And The Whole Industry Wanna Fuck Yo’ Old Chick
Only Nigga I Got Respect For Is Wiz
And I’ll Admit, I Fell In Love With Kim
‘Round The Same Time She Had Fell In Love Wit’ Him
Well, That’s Cool, Baby Girl, Do Ya Thing
Lucky I Ain’t Have Jay Drop ‘im From The Team
La Familia, Roc Nation
We In The Buildin’, But Still Keep It Basement
Flyer Than The Parakeet, Floatin’ Wit’ No Parachute
Six Thousand-dollar Pair Of Shoes, I Made It To The Paris News
Don’t Talk About Style, ‘cause I Embarrass You
Shut The Fuck Up When You Talk To Me ‘fore I Embarrassed You
G.O.O.D. Music, We Fresh, We Fresh
Anything Else, We Detest, Detest
Bitch-ass Niggas Got Ass And Breasts
All That Said, Lemme Ask This Quest’

Can’t A Young Nigga Get Money Anymore?
Tell PETA My Mink Is Draggin’ On The Floor
Can I Have A Bad Bitch Wit’out No Flaws
Come To Meet Me Wit’out…

Don’t Talk To Me ‘bout Style, Nigga, I’ll Ma’fuckin’ Embarrass You
Talkin’ ‘bout Clothes, I’ll Ma’fuckin’ Embarrass You
Hollin’ ‘bout Some Hoes, I’ll Ma’fuckin’ Embarrass You
Way Too Cold, I Promise You’ll Need Some Theraflu

(Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh, Uh) Get The Theraflu
(Uh, Uh-uh, Uh-uh, Uh) Get The Theraflu
(Uh, Uh-uh, Uh-uh, Uh, Uh-uh, Uh-uh)
(Uh, Uh-uh, Uh-uh Uh) Get The Theraflu

Kanye West Ft. DJ Khaled - Theraflu Lyrics
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Kanye West for Lyrics in "Theraflu"

Big Bang Theory: Stephen Hawking

It was certainly one of the most famous scientist of our time, and therefore one of the greatest heroes of the series the character Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki, 36) Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons, 39), Howard Wolowitz (Simon Helberg , 31) and Raj Koothrappali (Kunal Nayyar, from the cult series Big Bang Theory) 30. Now, the hero is a hero of the series itself came very close.
Several times already is the scientist Stephen Hawking (70), since age 26 because of neurological disorders in a wheelchair, talking point in the sequence of the individual and also the name of the series is open to the theory which scientists, which he wrote in his book "a brief History of Time". Thus, guest star Stephen Hawking in the popular series is probably a matter of time. But the producers were surprised when it is actually the performance of 70 years: "When people are in the" dream room ", we asked the show, we always joked and said," Stephen Hawking "- with knowledge that it would be very unlikely that the proportion astronomy in fact, we do not yet know how we can do for this is a kind of mystery that only - .. Say - Stephen Hawking can not be resolved, "said producer Bill Prady (51) during a press conference.

This season seems a lot of character sets zuwerden dream. Even the greatest idol Sheldon, Leonard Nimoy (81) won an appearance a few weeks ago. Today, with Stephen Hawking episode airs in the U.S.. But we have to wait a little longer until we can see the genius of the meeting.

Dallas Tornado Video Shows Twisters Tearing Apart Texas,No One Dead as Damage is Widespread

Tornadoes and severe storms ripped through the Dallas area, injuring residents and destroying hundreds of homes.

The National Weather Service reported over a dozen tornados touched down in Dallas and Fort Worth area Tuesday during what seemed to be the peak of tornado season for the region.

Tornado season typically peaks in April and stretches from March to June. And according to the Associated Press, the severe storms were a result of slow-moving storm system centered over northern New Mexico.

The many twisters (the exact number of tornados won’t be known until officials survey the area and damage) ripped roofs off of homes, tossed tractor trailers and caused hundreds of flights into the area to be canceled or diverted.

According to reports, over 600 homes were damaged due to the twisters while tens of thousands of homes lost power for a better part of Tuesday. While the twisters wreaked havoc on the Dallas area, at the moment there have been no reported fatalities and only a handful of people injured.

“Yes it was crazy here in Dallas,” tweeted reality star and new Dallas resident Khloe Kardashian. “3 inch hail storms…… Ummmmmm.”

Countless videos of the tornados went viral late Tuesday into Wednesday and show the massive twisters ripping through the area. One of the videos shows a twister touch down in Forney, Texas, located about 20 miles east of Dallas. The area had a confirmed tornado go through the town Tuesday afternoon and became one of the hardest hit areas.

“Crazy tornado over city of Forney Texas. Tearing through Forney down Hwy80. Shot from Willard Heating and Air!!!!,” reads one posting. Check out the dallas tornado video

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West: Serafina Lunch!

There have been rumors for a long time, but now Kim Kardashian  (31) and Kanye West (34) that their relationship with the public on Thursday came the star of the reality of apartment buildings rap stars. He wore clothes from the night before.

For lunch, the couple went to the restaurant Serafina Nobel in Manhattan. Previously: One of the biggest paparazzi horde for a long time. A source confirmed to People, the relationship between the two.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Roy Williams is making yet another straw man

I am reading through god, actually, by Roy Williams and I have decided that I am going to be blogging about all off the big errors he makes in his logic. Today’s post will be about how Roy has yet again oversimplified and misrepresented atheism, agnosticism and skepticism. Roy has made the claim that atheists fall into two categories when it comes to how we perceive ourselves (humans) in the universe. He has summed them up as follows:-
One extreme is the belief that humans are just another animal, they are in no way different from chimps or mice or dogs or frogs or sheep or mosquitoes.
The other end of the spectrum is that humans are superior to all other things in the universe, and are very special. and are gods of the universe, humanism. 
Williams then shoots down the first point by saying that humans are a special sort of animal, with conscience and cognition.
He also then dismantled humanism by saying that we do not have free power over the whole universe, and that we do not have the whole universe to use as a mining site.
I am going to be arguing about these two misconceptions in today’s post.
When Williams states that some atheists believe that humans are just other animals, to some extent I agree with him, but he has taken it beyond the extreme, a classic straw man argument. Any atheist who believes that humans are just another mammal will agree that humans are a very unique type of animal. We do have very good cognition and a conscience to base our decisions on. but atheists do not say that humans are just exactly like chimps and apes and we have no special worth on this planet.
The other end of the spectrum is also just the same straw man. Most humanists believe that humans are a special type of mammal, but that they have arrived out of all other mammals. No humanist that I know believes that humans are gods of this planet.
Williams then asserts that humans are unique and that this must mean that there is a god which designed us. I do not think that this is a logically valid assumption. It is easily explained by nature how a species like us could have come into being, but I will talk about that tomorrow night.
I will leave you with a quote from John Ralston Saul, “Humanism: an exaltation of freedom, but one limited by our need to exercise it as an integral part of nature and society.” John Ralston Saul, a Canadian author of some note.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Jennifer Love Hewitt - The Client List

Jennifer Love Hewitt will play the female 'teaser' in the film the latest series, 'The Client List'. But, he refused to sue the scene to show off the inside of her body naked alias.

"I'm not going to play naked. That's not what makes me comfortable," said 33-year-old actress, told PEOPLE on Monday (09/04/2012).

Stars 'If Only' section of the opinion that it was not showing off the inside of the body or showing it all. He felt uncomfortable about it.

"The man in my life it was the crew (the film), and my male dog is very jealous because I rarely with him," said Hewitt.

Hewitt was pleased with his latest show to be aired soon. "I love it. It's a lot of fun," he concluded.