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sweet potato recipes

Thanksgiving usually marks the end of my yearly fall fanaticism, and the beginning of the inevitable resignation to winter that goes into full-swing after the New Years. I’m no longer obsessed with the myriad of fall flavors, its squashes and medium-body soups and wines, I just want to stay warm. I hibernate, so to speak. I start cooking meals at home with more regularity; I find excuses to stay in.

After all of the holiday buzz this curried lentil and sweet potato dish landed exactly on that bridge, a lazy Sunday after a flurry of a holiday weekend. It’s from the New York Times Thanksgiving coverage two weeks ago, from an article by Melissa Clark about vegetarian dishes fitting the meal. But really, it had my name all over it, because the sweet potatoes were made spicy, not saccharine, and the Indian-spiced lentils and greens were exactly the health kick I needed after this weekend of heavy intake, with the ease of a one-pot meal. I don’t need a holiday dinner to find an excuse to make it.

sweet potatoes

I know it’s not easy on the eyes–heck, it would be a great contestant in an ugliest gourmet contest, but as Cathy so aptly notes, the best home-cooked food is rarely ready for its close-up. Honestly, it was so good, we couldn’t have cared less.

curried lentils with sweet potatoes

Curried Lentils With Sweet Potatoes and Swiss Chard
Adapted from The New York Times 11/14/07

Yields 8 to 10 side-dish servings; 6 main-course servings.

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 medium onion, chopped
4 garlic cloves, minced
1 1-inch piece fresh ginger root, peeled and grated
1 1/2 teaspoons garam masala
1 1/2 teaspoons curry powder
1 jalapeño pepper, seeded if desired, then minced
4 to 5 cups vegetable broth as needed
2 pounds orange-fleshed sweet potatoes, peeled and cut into
1/2-inch cubes (about 4 cups)
1 1/2 cups dried lentils
1 bay leaf
1 pound Swiss chard, center ribs removed, leaves thinly sliced
1 teaspoon kosher salt, more to taste
1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper
1/3 cup chopped fresh cilantro
Finely grated zest of 1 lime
Juice of 1/2 lime
1/3 cup finely chopped tamari almonds, for garnish (optional), available in health food stores
1/4 cup chopped scallions, for garnish.

1. In large saucepan, heat oil over medium heat. Add onion and saute until translucent, 5 to 7 minutes. Add garlic, ginger, garam masala, curry powder and jalapeno. Cook, stirring, for 1 minute.

2. Stir in 4 cups broth, sweet potatoes, lentils and bay leaf. Increase heat to high and bring to a boil; reduce heat to medium, partially cover, and simmer for 25 minutes. (If lentils seem dry, add up to 1 cup stock, as needed.) Stir in chard and salt and pepper, and continue cooking until lentils are tender and chard is cooked, about 30 to 45 minutes total.

3. Just before serving, stir in cilantro, lime zest and juice. Spoon into a large, shallow serving dish. Garnish with almonds if desired and scallions.source

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Treadmill Vs Elliptical Trainer? Which Will Give You The Best Results?

Our society is a little fanatical about loosing fat and getting fit. To encash this opportunity, a number of fitness products are there in the market and all of them claim to be the best. But most of them have no consistency. For instance, how many people you find working with a Thigh Master today. However, every now and then you can find a machine that yields results. It provides you with fitness and keeps you being well at the same time. It is equally effective for a novice and for an expert user of it as well. It has an everlasting power!

Treadmills and Elliptical Trainers are the two machines that can be attributed with this type of adjective.A tested and genuine treadmill will be with you for years. The reason for its popularity lies in its adoptability in the same way with a novice as well as with an expert athlete. You don't require any skill to exercise on it if you only able to walking, running or jogging.
Again, elliptical trainers, though relatively new, if we compare them with the treadmills, are briskly gaining popularity in the market. Though in actual figure of sales, treadmills outnumber the elliptical trainers but in terms of percentage growth of sales, the elliptical trainers are ahead of the treadmills. This is because the elliptical trainers benefit the whole body without any side effects.

How is treadmill compared with the elliptical trainer? What are the benefits of each of these machines? Are any of these apt for you?


Treadmills have gained highest popularity among the fitness equipments. They offer you an incredible amount of cardiovascular exercises without any expertise on it. You can walk, run, or jog on it. You can also get a simulation of hill slope on it.

Walking and running are mostly performed exercise by human beings. It does not matter if you are an amateur walker or an expert runner; a treadmill offers both of you an equal opportunity to exercise on it. The adjustment option for speed and incline make you get the most out of your cardiovascular exercises.

Almost all of the treadmills offer you a variety of pre-scheduled programs and the levels of intensity of exercises that you can choose for yourself as per your requirement. You may get personal information programmed on it like your age, your height, the fitness level etc. Again, you can select one of the pre-scheduled programs like 'killer hill', 'interval training' or 'weight-loss', and your machine will adjust the workouts automatically as per your specifications.

Alternatively, you can even avoid the pre-scheduled programs and get the programs of your choice by manually scheduling them. But if you already have chosen a program that is pre-scheduled, you can still change the level of incline or speed at your choice.

On a well-cushioned treadmill you can run safely without getting injured of your joints of knees or shins or ankles or back which is imminent if you run on concrete pavements. Consequently, there is less possibility of getting your body parts damaged on treadmills than on concrete surfaces. (Nevertheless, you can still feel an impact as soon as you start running on the treadmill).

In outdoors, you may have been tripped over a pebble or your ankle may be twisted by unseen potholes. It is sure that no hole or trail is there on the treadmills. Just maintain the rhythm on the track.

Therefore, treadmills are efficient calorie destroyer without sustaining injuries.

Elliptical Trainers

Elliptical trainer is a new comer in the world of fitness equipment providers. In fact, the popularity of the elliptical trainers has increased in the recent years but it has already surpassed the treadmills in terms of growth rate. But the question is that if they actually provide what they assure you of - overall exercise for your body with low impact?

Elliptical trainers offer you to destroy same amount of your body fats as is done by walking or jogging, with the least possibility of injury of your knees and ankles or hips or back. If you are using an elliptical trainer, your feet will always be on foot pedals and this is its difference with a treadmill.

Consequently, the elliptical trainers exert less pressure on the joints of your body and thus prove to be a low-impact fitness equipment. We can put it in this way that when you walk or jog on a treadmill, your body has to withstand the impact of the exercises; but when you are doing the same things on an elliptical trainer, you feel as if you are walking or jogging in midair. The impact may be equals to 2.5 times of your body weight as for the treadmill.

Hence, an elliptical trainer, since it is a low impact equipment, is highly preferred by older people and those who are just recovering from their injuries or illness. This is the reason why elliptical trainers are so popular among us. Our joints have started replying us that they have enough of these.

An elliptical trainer imitates the elliptical motions of our foot, expansion of our legs and rotation of our hips as we walk or run on it. All of our legs muscles are engaged and we get a complete lower-body exercise.

The most lucrative part of the exercises on an elliptical trainer is that it also provides upper body exercises whereas you only get lower body exercises in case of a treadmill. When your feet move elliptically, your arms also get workout through the handgrips of the handlebars which are on the move. The dual handlebars imitate the movement of the cross-country skiing. But this upper body exercise don't allow you to form a physique like a bodybuilder. You actually get the exercises more efficiently in less time as 30% of your upper body also comes under exercise automatically.

Your heart rate increases more swiftly because your exercises involve both your upper and lower body. Hence, you could achieve more results in less time. There is optimum energy expansion too. When your legs are put into the work it automatically puts your shoulders, chest, back, biceps and triceps into the work as well by enhancing the chance of burning more fats in less time. (When you deploy a right quantity of resistance, a 20-30 minutes' exercise is an optimum duration for it.)

The foot pedals work in both, forward and backward, directions and this is also a great advantage of an elliptical trainer. Now, each time you change the direction, you actually target the lower parts of your body differently. It adds versatility to the elliptical exercises. This type of change also provides effective exercises to the leg muscles.

The level of intensity is adjustable for an elliptical trainer to accommodate the level of fitness of different individuals. You can also add the resistance to enhance the load of the exercise for your legs by the back and forth strides. These effective exercises can ward off the evils for your body like the fleshy parts and large bumps.

Studies reveal that while exercising on the elliptical trainer, it makes your body believe that it is working out easily though, in fact, it is not. In this way you are shedding off more calories in much less time but your body is happy to find that it does not require to take much load to achieve it. This is what we call "Rate of Perceived Exertion".

The elliptical trainers are very safe (for example, when you stop, it comes to stop also). It consumes less electricity and can be used economically. Due to the feature of low impact, its rate of depreciation and maintenance are also low. It occupies less space than other does as the footprint it has is small. Then, like a treadmill, it provides you with an environment which is controlled and convenience for your exercises.

And the Winner Is!

Is it a treadmill or is it an elliptical trainer, which one scores more? Both can provide you with best cardiovascular exercises and both of them are efficient in burning calories.

One who loves only to walk or run, a treadmill is the right answer for him. Though you like the outdoors, treadmills offer your favorite sports right at home through out the year even during the coolest weather. It does not allow injuries because it has a flat and padded surface to work out. It adds a number of challenging programs to your exercise schedule. Then, with a heart beat rating monitor, you can set the level of your exercise that your heart can sustain.

An elliptical trainer offers a combined workout for both the upper and the lower part of your body without high impact. You can give your muscles a good number of exercises without making them injured. People who have their knees and ankles almost exhausted, they are positively to try the elliptical trainers.

So, what is your choice? As per your needs and preference, any one between them is the right choice for you.

By: Walter Sigmore
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Green Bean Casserole recipe

Green Bean Casserole recipe's

3 cups Chicken Stock
1/2 oz. dried shiitake mushrooms, stemmed
Kosher salt, to taste
2 lbs. green beans, cut into 2" pieces
Canola oil
1 1?4 cups flour
2 small yellow onions, thinly sliced
5 tbsp. butter
1?3 cup heavy cream
Freshly ground black pepper, to taste
1. Bring stock to a boil in a small pot. Remove from heat; add mushrooms. Cover; let soften for 20 minutes. Strain; reserve broth. Thinly slice mushrooms; set aside. Meanwhile, bring a pot of salted water to a boil. Add green beans; cook until tender, 6–7 minutes. Chill beans in an ice bath; drain and pat dry.
2. Pour oil into a large pot to a depth of 2". Heat over medium-high heat until oil registers 350° on a deep-fry thermometer. Put 1 cup flour into a bowl. Working in batches, toss onions in flour; shake off excess and fry until golden brown, 3–4 minutes. Transfer to a paper towel–lined plate and season with salt.
3. Heat oven to 375°. Grease an 8" × 8" casserole with 1 tbsp. butter; set aside. Melt remaining butter in a saucepan over medium heat. Whisk in remaining flour; cook for 1 minute. Pour in reserved broth while whisking; bring to a boil. Reduce heat to medium-low; simmer, whisking occasionally, until thickened, 15–20 minutes. Whisk in cream and combine with beans, half the onions, reserved mushrooms, and salt and pepper in a bowl; transfer to casserole. Top with remaining onions; bake until bubbly, about 20 minutes.
(This recipe has been corrected since publication.)

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How To Tie A Tie

learning how to tie a tie can be very important when lifes major events occur. It’s something that most males will have to do at some point in their life. Whether is for a job interview, a wedding or even a funeral, wearing a tie can can have a sigfiicant effect on your apperance and your first impression’s. Below is an illustration with a simple step by step guide showing how to tie a tie the easy way.
Step By Step Instructions On How To Tie A Tie

Firstly lift your shirt collar up and place your tie over your collar.
Start off by having the wide part of your tie to the right about 11 – 13 inches beyond the narrow end of your tie. (belly button length)
Then cross over the wide end of the tie over the narrow and then back underneath.
Bring over the wide end around making sure you pass it accros the narrow end.
Then simply grab hold of the wide end passing up through the loop.
Hold the knot then pass the wide end of the tie down through the loop.
Finally, hold the narrow end of the tie then slide the knot up (not to tight)

Still Struggling? Here’s A Video Showing you  How To Tie A Tie

Everybody who wants to learn how to tie a tieshould start with the four in hand knot. This is one of the easiest knots around, and every teacher knows that it is easier to learn the difficult stuff after leaning the difficult ones. A keen person will notice that this knot is not unlike the ones used in clip or zipper ties. This kind of knot is suitable for different collar types. It is something you would want to wear with smart casual clothes. Tall people will especially find it useful.

Start by holding your tie by its wide end to your right hand side. It should be hanging approximately twelve inches below the narrow end.
Secondly, pass this wide end over the narrow one and then behind it. If have reached there, you are well on your way to learning how to tie a tie.
The third step, the middle one, is achieved by bringing this wide end in front and passing it crosswise over the front of the narrow end. By now, a loop has formed and that is where the wide end should be passed, forming the third step. Knowing how to tie a tie is not so difficult after all.
The next step here is to hold the knot without tightening it and pass the wide end down all the way through the loop at the front. You are nearly done with your lesson on how to tie a tie.
Lastly, pull the narrow end of your tie through the knot. This is done to tighten it, since your tie is already formed. As you can see, it is very easy to learn. In fact, it has been nicknamed the simple tie knot. It has been around for a very long time, some people claim that the British invented it in the eighteenth century. That may be true but today everybody can learn how to tie a tie.

As a man, you do not have a lot of options when it comes to enhancing your outfit when you are wearing a suit. While it is true that an impeccable black suit with a white or pastel colored shirt matter in this equation, the tie is actually the focal point of your entire outfit. Bottom line, if you want to impress, then you need to learn to wear your tie. The reason why you should learn to tie a tie properly is that it will give you an air of professionalism in a work environment and it is a sign of maturity in almost all social contexts. Often enough you see men that either have the wide side too short and reaching in the middle of the chest. On several occasions, you will see men wearing an excessively long tie that goes passed the belt buckle. Even though those men are trying to adopt an office style, the truth is that they only manage to create a bad impression. However, to tie a tie is an easy task that will require a little bit of practice before you can master it. It’s amazing how many of us have had to wear a tie at some point in our lives, mainly at school and yet as time passes by most of us suddenly forget? Learning how to tie a tie properly is important, especially for situations such as job interviews. Looking smart and confident can have a major impact on your first impressions.
Tips On How To Tie A Bow Tie

Bow Tie

Maybe you are due to attend a formal function, you should learn tying a bow tie before that great day. It is particularly suitable for attending the so-called black tie occasions, for example, weddings, and it makes a fine accessory to a tuxedo. For those learning how to tie a tie, the rule of thumb for the bow tie is to have it wider than the broadest part of the neck. In addition, it should not extend below the tips of the collar of your shirt. For the actual process itself, it is not complicated. The first thing to do is to put the bow tie round your neck. This should be in a way that the “B” end is about two inches shorter than the “A” end. The “A” end is then crossed over to the “B” end. Then you bring the “A” end up through the loop. If you skip any step, then knowing how to tie this kind of knot on a tie may not be your objective. After that, the next thing to do is to double this “B” end over itself. The resulting loop is the front loop of the bow tie. Next, loop the “A” end to the loop in the face of the bow tie formed in the previous step. At this stage, ensuring that everything is in its right place is the right way to go in learning how to tie a tie. With that thought in mind, you should then double the “A” end onto itself before inserting it into the loop just behind the tie. If you have reached this step successfully, then you shall have known how to tie a tie. This is because the only thing that remains now is to adjust the tie. This is achieved by tugging the ends and by straightening the knot at the center. Those who want to know how to tie a tie should not do it once and conclude they are experts. This is something you need to practice. In fact, the more you practice the faster you will be. Check out how to tie a bow tie here for more information and instructions.
How To Tie A Windsor Knot

After learning to tie the Windsor knot, it is not easy to revert to other styles. This not is all about confidence and assuredness. It is a rather thick kind of knot, and is also a bit wide. The shape is triangular. This is the sort of thing you might want to wear to a job interview, for example. If you have a big day at the office, for example when you are scheduled to make a presentation, then you should dress sharply and feel confidence. If you do not know how to tie a tie, ensure that you get a friend or a colleague to help you learn or to tie it for you. To tie a Windsor knot, the first thing to do is to have your tie in your hands with the wide end on the right. This is the end shaped like a “W”, and it should be stretching to about one foot from the narrow end. That is the first step in learning how to tie a tie (a Windsor knotted tie). The next step is to get hold of the wide end and cross it over to the narrow end. You do not leave it there, the third step involves bringing the “W” through the loop (this is the loop between your tie and your collar). The fourth step involves bringing the wide end back down. After doing this, you pull it under the N end to the right, thought the loop (again) and to the right. If you do this exactly as you should, the wide end should be inside out by the time you get to this point. For those learning how to tie a tie, by this time you are about halfway through. The next step is to bring the wide to the left, across the front. You then draw it up through the circle one more time before bringing it downward through the already formed knot in front. Lastly, you should use both hands to move it up to the collar, tightening it up in the process.

Advice When Trying To ChooseThe Right Tie And Suit:

It’s time to choose the right tie What goes best with a dark gray suit and a light blue shirt? Many colors are appropriate, eg dark blue, pink and orange are also good. Choose some of the ties that would apply and extend your tie on the shirt in question and proceed to a finer choice. You will see: it’s not that hard. You have chosen a combination of colors in no time.

You chose a great jacket with blue tiles so one piece design. Now choose a shirt one color eg blue light or a shirt with drawings of tiny tiles. And do not forget rule number 1 “from large to small” and so the pieces lie on the bed. Now the tie. As the suit tiles dominates the rest of the outfit, you should move from a tie a tie design Choose one color eg red shade dull. The combination works well. You already have the combination of the two in many picture windows. You now know from what rules we shall make the selection.

You choose a solid color dark blue suit. You want to add a shirt with narrow stripes blue / white. A single color tie would of course like tie, but you can also combine a striped tie, if they are very wide. The rule with large drawing small drawing, you should definitely choose a design with large scratches.

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10 Beautiful Asian Actresses

A list of 10 beautiful Asian actresses includes women of all ages. The classic female dishes on the ten beautiful actresses list start with the dark-haired beauties from the 1920s and include present-day babes of the big and small screens.

Michelle Yeoh A James Bond beauty, this beautiful Asian actress is also known for her role as Yu Shu Lien in the 2000 film "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon." Her most recent movies include "Memoirs of a Geisha" in 2005 and "Fearless" in 2006.
Jennifer Lynn Wong Ms. Wong is a new actress on the Hollywood scene. She has been in two films in 2009, playing Tina in the movie "One Son" released in 2009 and Mova in the 2009 film "Hubris: A Short Film."
Sandra Oh Ms. Oh is known for her role in the film "Sideways" and also the part of Dr. Cristina Yang on the hit show "Grey's Anatomy." Born in Ottawa, Canada to Korean parents, the actress was in over 100 episodes of "Grey's Anatomy," as well as in big screen presentations, including "Thorne: Scaredy Cat" and "The Goree Girls" in 2011.
Rosalind Chao This American actress of Asian descent played Keiko O'Brien in the television show "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine." The Anaheim native started her career by appearing on the TV show "Here's Lucy" in 1970 and went on to after school specials and other classic 1970s television including "Emergency!," "Kojak," "Kung Fu," "The Amazing Spider-Man" and "The Incredible Hulk." She kept the momentum moving with appearances on other well-known shows including "Thirtysomething," "Miami Vice" and "St. Elsewhere."
Anna May Wong Ms. Wong, an Asian-American actress, was a pioneer in the film industry. Anna May Wong was a beautiful addition to silent films. Her most famous silent movies include "Lady from Chungking" in 1942, "Shanghai Express" in 1932 and "King of Chinatown" in 1939.
Lucy Liu This beautiful Asian actress joins the top ten list with a bullet. She's an actress with a host of Emmy nominations for primetime and she's won more than several awards. She's played the voice of kid's cartoon characters and kicked major butt in "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle" released in 2003. Her small screen beauty was seen on "ER," "Nash Bridges" and the "X-Files," just to name a few of the many roles this beautiful Asian actress has taken on in the last decade.
Nancy Kwan Born in 1939, Ms. Kwan played Suzie Wong in "The World of Suzie Wong" in 1960, followed up in 1961 in her best-known role as Linda Low in the film the "Flower Drug Song." Dozens of movie roles and appearances on the little screen, including multi-part roles for "Hawaii Five-O," fill out her resume.
Tamlyn Tomita This Japanese actor, making the list of the ten beautiful Asian actresses, first made her acting entrance as Kumiko in "The Karate Kid, Part II" in 1986. From that point on, Ms. Tomita took acting roles in the television shows including, "Santa Barbara," "The Burning Zone," "Nash Bridges" and "General Hospital."
Julia Ling This Asian actress born in southern California in 1983 came to film and television in 2003 on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer." Roles on "8 Simple Rules," "House M.D." and "The O.C." soon followed. She plays Anna Wu on the small screen show "Chuck" and hit the big screen in "Love Sick Diaries" and "Cinder" in 2010.
Maggie Q Maggie Denise Quigley, known professionally as Maggie Q, is of Vietnamese heritage. Ms. Q entered television in 2003 on MTV and a mini-series and starred on the big screen as Jane Quigley in the 2000 film "Gen-X Cops 2: Metal Mayhem." Her most memorial parts include "Live Free or Die Hard," "Mission: Impossible III" and "Mission: Impossible IV." She appeared frequently in 2010 as Nikita, on a television show by the same name.
By: Lee Grayson
Break Studios Contributing Writer

What is Kawasaki disease?

Kawasaki disease is a rare disease, and is found in children. Other name is Kawasaki syndrome or mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome. The disease causes inflammation of blood vessels disekujur patient's body. Approximately 80% of patients with Kawasaki syndrome are children under age 5 years and most numerous at the age between 9-12 months. The disease is rare in children who are aged over 8 years. And the children of Asian ethnicity at higher risk of developing the disease.

The disease is named for the name of a Japanese pediatric named Tomisaku Kawasaki, who discovered it in 1967. Since that time it was known to many similar cases are found in many other countries.

Patients characterized by some of the following symptoms:

Ø High fever for days, to 39 ^ C, at least for 5 consecutive days followed by symptoms of inflammation and redness of the eyes (conjunctivitis),

Ø palms of the hands and feet will be colored red or swollen,

Ø Followed flaky skin after about 2 weeks since the disease occurs,

Ø reddish rash on the body,

Ø Sometimes accompanied by swollen lymph nodes (cervical lymphadenopathy),

Ø Inflammation of the lips or mucous membranes in the mouth,

Ø lips are cracked, chipped and can sometimes bleed,

Ø Inflammation of the throat,

Ø Or red like a strawberry on the tongue (strawberry tangue),

Ø Pain in the joints.

What causes the onset of Kawasaki syndrome in children is not so clear. Some argue this is caused by a viral infection, another theory says the cause is a disorder of the immune system caused by the toxic reactions of the surrounding environment. As well as various versions of other causes. Recently showed that a type of virus called a coronavirus may account for the onset of the disease.

Heart Problem

If left unchecked, Kawasaki syndrome can cause heart damage and swelling of the blood vessels to the heart (coronary) is called an aneurysm. Aneurysm of the coronary arteries caused by inflammation in the arteries is called vasculitis. This is what makes Kawasaki syndrome is a major cause of congenital heart disease (CHD) in children in developing countries. About 25% of patients will have problems in heart and 1% will die, if no further treatment.

In the event of an aneurysm, its development will take place a week after the symptoms of fever and the other begins. If the maintenance action performed less than 10 days, then the cardiac complications to be preventable. That's why early diagnosis of this disease would be very much helpful.

The good news is, if given immediate treatment, only about 5-10% of all cases of Kawasaki syndrome, which will develop into heart problems.

Other complications may occur, because vasculitis can also occur in other places apart from the artery. Various types of other complications may also occur due to Kawasaki syndrome is however the possibility of these cases occur very rare.

Range of possible complications of the disease kawakasi are as follows:

Ø inflammation (inflammation) in blood vessels (valculitis).

Ø Inflammation of the heart muscle (mycarditis).

Ø Inflammation of the lining of the wrapping of the heart (pericarditis).

Ø Inflamsi the joints (arthritis).

Ø Inflamsi on the membrane of the brain and spinal cord (meningitis).

Ø An aneurysm in an artery that triggers blood clotting or cause heart disease.

Ø Arrhythmia or abnormal heart rhythms due to abnormalities in heart valves.


Treatment given to people with the ultimate goal is to minimize or prevent the risk of complications to a more serious, than to cure the disorder caused by the symptoms as well of course. Generally, the treatment given there are two:


Aspirin may help reduce the inflammation that occurs in the coronary arteries aneurysme. Other uses as well to overcome fever, inflammation of the joints, rash on the body and prevents blood clots.

Intravenous gammaglobulin

Type of antibody is administered through the bloodstream. If given as soon as possible will reduce the risk of damage to the coronary arteries and prevent the continuation of this disease to a dangerous level.

Still there are other treatments such as the use of cortisone (cortisol), a type of hormone produced by the adrenal cortex of the kidney, which have anti-inflammatory and anti allergic. Assistance from other similar drugs ibuprofen and naproxen are also sometimes used to treat joint pain prolonged.

Plasmapheresis or plasma replacement is used when aspirin and gammablogulin not surviving the disease. This is very helpful, because Kawasaki disease who did not respond to aspirin treatment and gammablobulin usually quite harmless.

Once treated, the peels will generally occur on the hands or feet. But not to worry, because these events are very common. The most important thing is to give sufficient attention to the child so that he feels comfortable.

There are several instances where the disease can recur after a few weeks or several months later. Immediately contact your doctor if this occurs.

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10 Hot Sexy Asians In Hollywood

The 10 hot sexy Asians in Hollywood are a mix of established stars and up and coming actresses. As Hollywood starts to develop more roles for Asian beauties, the amount of hot Asian actresses in Hollywood will start to climb. Take some time to introduce yourself to the 10 hot sexy Asians in Hollywood that are making a name for themselves.
  1. Lucy Liu. Lucy Liu's parents came to the United States from China not long before Lucy was born. She has established herself as a top Hollywood star by appearing in such television shows as "Dirty Sexy Money" (2008-2009) and "Ally McBeal" (1998-2002). Liu has also starred in such movies as "Charlie's Angels" (2000) and "Jerry Maguire" (1996). She has earned a spot as one of the 10 hot sexy Asians in Hollywood.
  2. Jamie Chung. Severely hot Asian actress and model Jamie Chung is already making a name for herself as one of the 10 hot sexy Asians in Hollywood. She has appeared in countless magazine pictorials wearing extremely revealing bikinis, and she has also been seen in such movies as "Grown Ups" (2010) and "Sorority Row" (2009).
  3. Tia Carrere. Wayne and Garth got it right in "Wayne's World" (1992) when they calld Tia Carrere a smoking hot babe. On top of being one of the 10 hot sexy Asians in Hollywood, Carrere is also a singer who has appeared on "Wayne's World Soundtrack" (1992) and in 1997 as the Little Mermaid on the song "Should I Trade My Fins?"
  4. Ziyi Zhang. Ziyi Zhang was born in China, and has established herself as one of the 10 hot sexy Asians in Hollywood. She has appeared in such popular movies as "Rush Hour 2" (2001) and "Couching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" (2000).
  5. Michelle Yeoh. Michelle Yeoh was born in Malaysia and was introduced to the movie-going world in "Supercop 2" (1993). She made her biggest splash in the hit movie "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" (2000) and established herself as one of the 10 hot sexy Asians in Hollywood.
  6. Devon Aoki. Devon Aoki burst on to the scene in the movie "2 Fast 2 Furious" (2003). After that she was seen in other hit movies such as "Sin City" (2005) and "War" (2007).
  7. Gong Li. Gong Li has spent most of her career making movies in her native China, but she made an impact in the movie "Raise the Red Lantern" 1991. Later on she was one of the beauties in "Miami Vice" (2006). Li never seems to age and that is what makes her one of the 10 hot sexy Asians in Hollywood.
  8. Yifei Liu. Born in China, the lovely Yifie Liu did not take long to establish herself as one of the 10 hot sexy Asians in Hollywood. Her appearance in the hit movie "The Forbidden Kingdom" (2008) helped to get her career off the ground.
  9. Grace Park. Actress Grace Park is universally recognized as one of the 10 hot sexy Asians in Hollywood. Her television credits include "Battlestar Galactica" (2004-2009) and "Edgemont" (2001-2005). She has also appeared in such movies as "Romeo Must Die" (2000) and "Run Rabbit Run" (2008).
  10. Julia Nickson. Julia Nickson is from Singapore, and most people know her for her role in "Rambo: First Blood Part 2" (1985). Her long list of credits also includes movies such as "Glitch!" (1988) and "Sidekicks" (1992) as well as appearances on television shows such as "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" (1993-1999) and "Magnum P.I." (1980-1988)
By: George Root
Break Studios Contributing Writer

Monday, October 10, 2011

selena gomez tattoo

Selena Gomez is a young artist really shows his love for her lover, Justin Bieber. As with most Hollywood stars, he gave up his body tattooed with the nick name of the person he loves.

Selena do the same. He tattooed the name of Justin in his right wrist. The presence of a new tattoo new Selena gets attention when he appeared in concert in Las Vegas, recently.
When some people started questioning about his new tattoo, Selena was soon clarified.
To the E! Online, a spokeswoman Selena immediately provide information that is in the wrist tattoo is a tattoo-tatoan. He explained, the tattoo is not permanent tattoos made ​​with Magic Marker.
A few days before, Selena also showed a tattoo on his right shoulder by writing the name calling, Sels, in the rather large size.
Although the tattoo was a fake but that does not mean one time singer of "A Year Without Rain" would not have it. Selena hopes kelakia could have a tattoo that can be attached to at any time

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Monday, September 12, 2011

Celebrities Love Tattoos

It's really not surprising to learn that many celebrities love tattoos, and it is not surprising that people in the eyes of society and the media have great influence on the American fascination with tattoos. The stars have tattoos, so all their fans want tattoos also. For celebrities, age is not a factor, the stars are young and old. We know that all these people - but we know that the unique style of artwork they have?
One of the stars in the popular film American travel long, Robert De Niro appeared in sports movies of a tattoo much. That the fans realize that they are only accessories for his films, the fact is that in real life Robert DeNiro has a tattoo that only a black panther. Another actor who shows off many tattoos in his movies is Johnny Depp, on the whole, however, is real. Bruce Willis also has a tattoo of some, especially the symbol of his movie "Die Hard".
The tattoo has long been in style with the musicians. Former teen idol Justin Timberlake has a guardian angel, among others. Rapper Eminem has more tattoos that can be calculated, including the name of his daughter and himself. Keith Urban subtitles on the wrist, "Omni Vincit Amor" is Latin for "Love Conquers All", was also an eagle on one arm.
Some sports celebrities also go for tattoos. Michael Jordan has his fraternity symbol tattooed above his heart, while Dennis Rodman is a virtual canvas of artwork.
Not to be outdone, many female stars also show various degrees of artwork. The young actress Drew Barrymore is essentially a canvas full of tattoos, is said to have most of the models themselves. Reese Witherspoon is more subtle, wearing only a small star tattoo which is rarely seen. Pamela Anderson has a variety of tattoos also, the most famous is the "mother" word of the finger, which would usually read "Tommy". Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has five stars to represent each family member, the husband of initials, and traditional Jewish phrase 'I am my beloved and my beloved is mine. "
Some of the doll sporting tattoos today. Kate Moss, Christy Turlington, Stephanie Seymour and all permanent forms of fashion accessories. Most supermodels who opt tattoos and showing few signs of a minor celebrity in other fields.
While many celebrities have tattoos for a very long time, the popularity of tattoos among the stars evolve, both in the number of celebrities who they are and how they have tattoos. Very few have a tattoo, there is a growing number of tattoos a tattoo that looks more and more, using the skin as a canvas for nearly unlimited varieties of permanent artwork.
As celebrities show off their tattoos, and these data were collected by the media, the influence of rising to their fans, especially among the younger generation, to want to do the same. As with anything else that stars do in the public eye, their influence with tattoos helps in the form of art more and more widespread, more popular and more acceptable to the majority of the U.S. population as a whole.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

10 Pretty Hot Asian Women In Hollywood

By: Eli Chaplin
Break Studios Contributing Writer

Asian stars are taking Hollywood by storm and there are well over 10 pretty Asian women in Hollywood. The following sexy starlets are ten of the most beautiful Asian celebrities who will tantalize your senses.

Ziyi Zhang Born in Beijing in 1979, the fragile beauty Ziyi Zhang rose to fame in America with the film "Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon." Possibly one of the most well-known Chinese actresses in America, Zhang also appeared in "Memoirs of a Geisha," which propelled her as a Hollywood actress. Gorgeous, innocent and warrior-like rolled up into one package, Zhang is one pretty Asian woman to be reckoned with.
Yunjin Kim A native of Seoul, South Korea, Yunjin Kim is known for her character Sun Kwon in the wildly popular television series "Lost." Besides being a pretty woman, Kim is a professionally trained dancer. Her "Lost" career should have come to an end after her character drowned with her husband, but because of the show’s ever-confusing storyline, the couple remained together in the afterlife.
Devon Aoki This pretty Asian woman turned heads in "2 Fast 2 Furious" and "Sin City." An accomplished model, Aoki has posed in photographs for Versace and Chanel and has appeared on the covers of several fashion magazines. Born in New York in 1982, Aoki is of Japanese and German descent, giving her an uber-exotic look of flawless perfection.
Rinko Kikuchi Born in Japan in 1981, Rinko Kikuchi broke through to the American public with the 2007 film, "Babel." Kikuchi won critical acclaim for her role as a deaf-mute teenager--without speaking a word throughout the entire film--and earned herself an Academy Award nomination. In 2009, this pretty Asian woman starred in "The Brothers Bloom," in which she also had a limited vocabulary; her character was said to know only three words of English.
Shu Qi Besides her role in "The Transporter," Shu Qi is also known for her scandalous involvement in the 2007 Edison Chen scandal, in which several photographs of the pretty Asian actress posing naked with singer-actor Chen were leaked onto the internet. Before Hollywood, Qi starred in the softcore porn film "Sex and Zen II" and "Viva Erotica." Qi was born in Taiwan in 1976.
Lucy Liu In the late '90s, Lucy Liu rose to fame with her infamous role in "Ally McBeal" as the nasty, conniving Ling Woo. Since then, Liu has starred in several films, including the "Charlie’s Angels" films and "Kill Bill: Vol. 1." Liu’s parents immigrated to New York where Liu was born in 1968.
Bai Ling What can be said about this pretty Asian woman that hasn’t already been said? This seductive, controversial Chinese actress broke out into Hollywood with "Red Corner" in 1997. Since then, she has posed nude for "Playboy" and been arrested for shoplifting, but still manages to be sexy.
Chiaki Kuriyama Although Chiaki Kuriyama has not appeared in many American movies, this pretty Asian woman will forever be remembered as the deadly Gogo in Quentin Tarantino’s "Kill Bill: Vol. 1." One of Lucy Liu’s minions, Kuriyama’s weapon of choice was a spiked chain mace. Kuriyama was born in Japan in 1984.
Megumi Okina Before Sarah Michelle Gellar brutally murdered "The Grudge" in the American remake, Megumi Okina starred in the original, titled "Ju-on." Okina, born in Tokyo in 1979, used to be a pop singer before she hit it big with "Ju-on." In 2008, Okina starred in the American remake of the 2004 Thai film, "Shutter."
Sandra Oh Everyone knows Sandra Oh from the hit television series "Grey’s Anatomy." However, this pretty Asian woman also starred in the Paul Giamatti film "Sideways" where she not only showed her acting chops, but a sexy body as well. Oh, who was born in Canada, is of Korean heritage.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Paying for a Weight Loss Program versus Developing Your Own

Are you interested in losing weight? Want to improve your health, improve your appearance, or do both, you may be interested in finding a weight loss program to use. When it comes to weight loss plan, you will realize you have a number of different options. The two most common options include paying for a weight loss program or developing your own.
If this is your first time trying to "serious", lose weight, you may be wondering if you should develop your own weight loss plan, also known as a weight loss program, or pay to one. One of the best ways to determine what weight loss program, you should use is to examine the advantages and disadvantages of each. Some of the most influential advantages and disadvantages to developing your own weight loss plan and pay for it are described below.
When it comes to paying for a program of weight loss or weight loss program, you find that you can do so locally or online. If you choose to participate in a weight loss program or a local plan, you will probably meet in a centralized location. Many times, you just get together every week or two. There are several weight loss programs where you can practice in place though. If you choose to participate in weight loss online, you will have online meetings or discussions with trainers or other members of the program of weight loss, either on a message board or e-mail. You should also have access to healthy recipes and easy to perform exercises.
One of the many benefits to pay for weight loss program or weight loss program is that you are often given a professional plan. Many times a person or a coach who is responsible for the implementation of these programs have received training or first hand experience with weight loss. This often eliminates trial and error, as many have already learned what works and what does not work with weight loss.
In all honesty, lacking only pay to join a weight loss program or weight loss is that you have to pay to do it. With that in mind, but you should be able to find an affordable program and plans for weight loss, both locally and online. Although they are not guaranteed, many people use the program the most affordable in the online form or a weight loss plan weight loss online.
With regard to developing your own weight loss plan, there are a number of benefits to doing so. One advantage is that you can customize your weight loss plan and program for you. For example, if you are allergic to milk, you could work your allergy into your weight loss program, while the plan or weight loss program can not be paid. You can also customize your workouts to you. This is fine if you are obese and unable to follow many workout videos, which look like they are designed for those who are "perfect" shape.
Another of the many advantages to developing your own weight loss plan is that it's fun to be absent. You also have a number of tools at hand. There are a number of sites and magazines that you want to know from information weight loss you can use to create your own weight loss plan without permission. Some people say that to their own weight loss plans to follow to make them more excited about the process and more likely to see the plan all along.
The factors mentioned above are just some of many that you may want to consider in determining whether you should develop your own weight loss program or join a paid weight loss program. Many people have reported their own weight to lose weight loEtes intéressée it? Want to improve your health, improve your appearance, ou do both, you can find the UN plan for weight loss intéressée used. When it comes to weight loss plan, you find that you have a story a number of different new options. The two most common options include paying the UN Plan for weight loss e Develop your own.
You are the first to exit the train times Rating of "serious" weight loss, you may wonder if you should develop your own weight loss plan, aussi called weight loss of the UN, ou pour to pay the United Nations. A good way to determine the degree of weight reduction, you must use Advantages and disadvantages of each examiner. Some advantages and disadvantages of more influence in the development plan itself'' Your weight loss and the flow of Quebec to pay for them are described below.
When it comes to paying pour a UN plan for weight loss e United Nations Development Programme for weight loss, you will find in Quebec can be done locally on-line e. If you choose to participate in national plans for weight loss states of the UN premises e, you probably will meet UN IN training development. Heart medications, so that two UO meets every Sunday. Is there a weight loss program where you can practice in place though. If you choose to participate in weight loss Online USA, you will likely have online meetings or discussions with trainers MEMBERS II Weight Loss Program else, click Control of Quebec GOOD by the United Nations e mail. You also have new access HAVE HEALTH farm cash easy exercise in December
Another great advantage of the payer to pay for weight loss program e United Nations plans to give you weight loss EST What are the plans of UN professionals. Heart medications, ll coach people responsible for the implementation of programs is receiving an e Training has experience first hand to lose weight. It often eliminates trial and error, much like Ontario APPRI What works and What Does It Work No not by weight.
In all honesty, no flow to pay only joined the UN e Weight loss program does not plan weight loss EST What you MUST do a payer. With that in mind, but you state should be able to find a program not It's cheaper Disadvantages vehicles and plans and local levels is important in the line. Although they are not guaranteed, many people from using the loss form to find the program more affordable online Online Or Vehicle weight loss regime.
Regarding the development of'' weight loss plan you have, no amount of profit with. A benefit plan broker THESE EST you can customize your weight loss program and pour the United Nations. For example, if you are allergic to milk, you could work your allergy to your weight loss program ID, so that the UN plan for weight loss programs can not do e paid. You can aussi Customize your workouts to you. This is fine if you are obese and unable to keep a large number of training videos, which seem like they are designed for those already in the form of "perfect".
One of the many benefits for their own development plans'' Your Weight Loss To follow, it is fun to do EST. You MUST aussi number of tools at hand. Sites available approx NUMBER several magazines and in Quebec, you can get information from weight loss, the information you can use to create the owner of your weight loss plan: A follow-up. Some people say in Quebec to make their own plans for weight loss to follow tears and more excited about the process and, more receptive to long-term plan.
The factors mentioned above in Quebec some of the many in Quebec, you may want to consider when it comes to determining if you should develop your own program of self Weight Loss e joined the United Nations program for weight loss is paid. Many people have reported their own program of weight reduction and the IUP, then joined the beneficiaries of the United Nations if they do not get the results they hope to have.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

about asia carrera

You are curious about the bio Asia Caerra the porn film star, following his bio:

     Real name: Jessica Andrea Steinhauser (Asia Carrera)
     Height: 176 cm (5.8 feet)
     Bera Agency: 40.8 kilograms (90 pounds)
     Bra Size: 36 C
     Residence: New York City
     Date of Birth: August 6, 1973

     Other Data: Asia Carrera starring in more than 250 pornographic films. Asia Carrera is actually included as a talented woman of art, this can be seen at the age of 13 years, children of mixed German and Japanese has appeared at Carnegie Hall playing piano. At the age of 17 years he ran away from home and began his career as an exotic dancer for a living and tuition. Furthermore unpredictable career, as one of the world famous porn star.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Celebrities and Their Tattoos

In deciding whether to get a tattoo, the first thing to think about how the tattoo will be an indelible impression on the body. The next thing is to consider what might be the preferred style. Most tattoo parlors have samples of previous models, which are modified to satisfy the customer can. But what many people enjoy is sampling and mimicking what many of those who idolize, we may have already been created.
Today, celebrities influence much of what is done in society. Clothing styles, hair dos, things to eat, places to rest and, yes, even tattoos are often influenced by celebrities. There are famous people have thought that tattoos than originally. Some can be quite surprising.
How many people know, Angelina Jolie is one of the most popular tattooed actresses today. It shines with more than a dozen tattoos, each with its own meaning. Angelina Jolie is a fan of tattoos, that there are more plans for the future. In fact it is the tribal dragon tattoo was the most popular among women.
When it comes to tattoos and famous actresses, it is certain that the name of Pamela Anderson will have increased. The bracelet was made popular almost exclusively on Pamela Anderson. He also laid emphasis on the barbed wire tattoo as it is one of his best-known brands.
Mike Tyson sports a facial tattoo, which is of Maori influence. While the tattoo is not just a boom in applied facial tattoos, it makes it interesting for tattoo enthusiasts.
Johnny Depp is a very recognized actor to have tattoos. He decorated with over twelve known tattoos all with stories behind them. Potter tattoo on his right bicep is the best known. When Johnny Depp and Wynona Ryder were together, he had "Winona Forever" tattooed on his arm. When the relationship ended, was changed to "Wino Forever" to say. A good example of why we should have tattoos, before taking the plunge must be considered.
A group tattoo was made for those actors in Lord of the Rings. Each actor received a tattoo of the word "nine" written in Elvish. Tattooed on different areas of the body, and a first tattoo for some, each member now has a permanent mark commemorating the making of the film.
Prominent another film where you can admire many tattoos or copy found, are Drew Barrymore, Julia Roberts, Gillian Anderson, Alyssa Milano, and Christina Ricci. We can also tattoos music artists such as Billy Idol, Eminem, Henry Rollins and Brittany Spears. Kobe Bryant, Dennis Rodman, Anna Kournikova, and Stone Cold Steve Austin are just some of the sports models that make their own ink to show.
This is just one example of some of the tattoos that are to be found among celebrities. These people are recognized and admired for her style and personality. Many of them have booms in the tattoo trends throughout the years with particular emphasis on projects that are similar to their own causes. It is not rare or unreleased tattooist to requests for a tattoo that was just like a hip after the celebrities of the time will look.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Asia Carrera :legend of queen pornstar with IQ 156

People may be more familiar with Asia Carrera as a player more than 250 pornographic films. But not many know he can play Bach on the piano at the age of 13. He studied economics and Japanese language at Rutgers. His IQ is 156 and 2 percent of people in the world terjenius.

In the world "pornstar" Asia Carrera, including the legendary existence. American women (U.S.) is known as the sexiest porn star and the hottest of the century. Not just a mere artist, Asia Carrera is a professional marketing expert to manage blue movie Management. To satisfy the penggemamya, Carrera has always taken the time to answer all incoming e-mail a question about him. And at the same time, he also sells the works of its blue films throughout the world.

Success as a porn star delivered it had become one of the richest people in the U.S.. In one week, Asia Carrera can raise money in 1000 dollars. But not as beautiful as one might imagine, life's journey Asia Carrera could not be separated from the ups and downs. Unlike karbitan artist, female owner of the bra 36 C is to start a career from scratch.

Before becoming a porn star, bloody Japanese German woman had become a bartender. According to him, is the easiest way to make money taken. At one party, he was asked by the manager of the bar to serve drinks with sexy dress and open the chest with a $ 100 honorarium. Without thinking, Carrera accept the offer. To eliminate the fear he drank vodka. Since then, Carrera began over the profession to be a stripper, a fee of 300 dollars. The beauty of the body and dancing skills that had made the evening's most expensive Carrera as a dancer in the United States.

Went on to become a stripper, like the Carrera venturing into film, which is a porn movie. One day he met a photographer. Asia Carrera asked herself to be photographed and published in a hot movie star. The first step is to list all the addresses and send personal photos and bio on all men's magazine. It to fruition. Carrera began to get offers to be a model in men's magazines. Slowly the picture vogue magazine readers and increase sales. This provides opportunities for success to be a movie star Carrera blue.

Recommendation on the photographer, in 1993 he moved to Los Angeles (LA). Armed with a suitcase and a teddy bear favorit, Asia Carrera move to LA. There he became acquainted with the director of a porn star. For Carrera, a poren star is a fun job, which can generate a lot of money. Although the work was opposed by his parents, but Carrera ignore it. Being a porn star has become the choice of his life.

Since becoming a blue movie star, Asia Carrera has played as many as 250 blue movies. That beat the other porn stars, including Jade Marcela, Indonesia porn star. Carrera has a different type of dap porn movie scene, from conventional to modern style. Of which Adam and Eve Signature Series One, produced in 2000; Adventures of Mighty Man, the production of 1994, the American Dream Girls, production in 1996; Anal Adventures of Suzy Superslut, production of 1994, Art of Deception, 1996; Bangkok Boobarella, production in 1996; Best Sex in the West, the production of 1997; and Bad Sister, The 1997.

Unfortunately his career success is not matched the success of the household. December 19, 1993 she was divorced by Don Lemmon. In this marriage he was blessed with a daughter named Catalina. In the same month and year, she married again with Bud Lee, director of blue movies. In this second marriage he had felt true love. For Carrera, Bud Lee is the husband but also a friend who can understand the lack of dap excess.

Life Twists
Asia Carrera comes from an educated family. His father was a mathematical physicist dap. Both parents want the school at Harvard, became pengecara or doctor. But, Carrera chose to study piano and "hanging out" with her friends.

Towards the anniversary of 17 years, Carrera to leave home. "Hanging out" with the band rock n 'roll and colleagues. The help of his friends, he remains the school. Do not want to depend on his friend, he tried to find work. Since he was not yet 17 years old, no company is willing to accept them as employees.

He also had lived in the dormitory of street children with a foster mother. Turned out to live with a foster mother did not change his fate. The pattern of educating foster mother with the birth mother: harsh, discipline, and should not be playing. Have much to learn. This condition makes it revolted, and after high school graduation Asia Carrera return home to escape from a foster mother.

With the establishment of the firm, he believes, one day her life would settle down, to be rich. Asia Carrera gets the scholarships, the school went to Rutgers University Business School. In addition to pay for college, scholarship money is also exploited for the cost of living. While in college, Carrera worked as a bartender at the cafe. His life began to improve. He no longer rely on begging and scholarships.

That's it. Several years as a bartender, he started over the profession to be a stripper. Gradually his name became known. Before becoming a blue movie actress, she is also known as a dancer at night. His expertise makes lust shook the Adam hooked. He had invited many guests, and a bar selling power to the manager.

Asia Carrera; Go The Genius Club
Unfortunately, sex life and to mutually couple in the film, making him have to deal with AIDS. This porn legend, was forced to "give up" and died of AIDS