Thursday, January 12, 2012

NBA Trade Rumors: Crazy Dwyane Wade For Rajon Rondo Proposal Must Be Considered

The Boston Celtics are single of the stalest teams in the NBA appropriate in a jiffy and need a major shakeup.

At 4-5, the Celts solitary wins are on the Wizards (X2), Pistons and Nets. They immediately so go on to be the three most awful teams in the Eastern Conference.

Something needs to alteration or this team is destined to bewilder mutually a .500 season and basic in circles exit. They need another energy.

While it sounds incredibly wild, Fox Sports’ correspondent Jason Whitlock has provided a fantastic solution. He believes the Celtics ought to send out Rajon Rondo and Ray Allen to the Miami Heat in replace in place of Dwyane Wade and Mario Chalmers:

It’s every time in the superlative consequence of the NBA in place of the Celtics to be related. Boston needs an in-his-prime superstar to be a legit contender. The Big Three are too old. You locate Wade with Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett and you maintain a center with the aim of can scare citizens in place of this time and subsequently time.

You add Rondo and Allen to James and Bosh and you maintain an all-time lofty team. I ran this trade ancient amount Simmons carry on week, and he loved it.

Simmons is ESPN’s “sports guy” who is the unofficial biggest Celts fan.

From the Celtics central theme of consider, it makes sufficiently of perceive. Wade, despite dealing with pesky injuries, is single of the 10 superlative players in the league. He has championship experience, theater disgusting plea and can run the central theme if desired. He’s a team player and would instantly rejuvenate an aging team with the aim of may well wear out a jolt.

While on paper the deal sounds bad in place of Miami, in truth it would kind the Heat a real team. Right in a jiffy they are three stars surrounded by a bunch of bench players. They don’t maintain a trustworthy central theme guard and don’t maintain a hard shooter to recognize up whilst LeBron James forces the plea into the paint.

Rondo and Allen kind Miami a complete team. There wouldn’t be some questions who would take the carry on shot. There wouldn’t be some questions who the leader of the team is. Everybody would maintain a defined role. This may well not be a great big deal appropriate in a jiffy, but approach challenge schedule it is.

Besides, how incredible would LeBron and Bosh be with a top-five central theme guard?

While this deal will likely in no way approach to end result, belief Whitlock in place of thinking outside of the box and imminent up with something with the aim of really would toil.

Then again, with the tickly trigger finger of Celtics GM Danny Ainge, it can’t fully be thrown in the trash.

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