Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How To Tie A Tie

learning how to tie a tie can be very important when lifes major events occur. It’s something that most males will have to do at some point in their life. Whether is for a job interview, a wedding or even a funeral, wearing a tie can can have a sigfiicant effect on your apperance and your first impression’s. Below is an illustration with a simple step by step guide showing how to tie a tie the easy way.
Step By Step Instructions On How To Tie A Tie

Firstly lift your shirt collar up and place your tie over your collar.
Start off by having the wide part of your tie to the right about 11 – 13 inches beyond the narrow end of your tie. (belly button length)
Then cross over the wide end of the tie over the narrow and then back underneath.
Bring over the wide end around making sure you pass it accros the narrow end.
Then simply grab hold of the wide end passing up through the loop.
Hold the knot then pass the wide end of the tie down through the loop.
Finally, hold the narrow end of the tie then slide the knot up (not to tight)

Still Struggling? Here’s A Video Showing you  How To Tie A Tie

Everybody who wants to learn how to tie a tieshould start with the four in hand knot. This is one of the easiest knots around, and every teacher knows that it is easier to learn the difficult stuff after leaning the difficult ones. A keen person will notice that this knot is not unlike the ones used in clip or zipper ties. This kind of knot is suitable for different collar types. It is something you would want to wear with smart casual clothes. Tall people will especially find it useful.

Start by holding your tie by its wide end to your right hand side. It should be hanging approximately twelve inches below the narrow end.
Secondly, pass this wide end over the narrow one and then behind it. If have reached there, you are well on your way to learning how to tie a tie.
The third step, the middle one, is achieved by bringing this wide end in front and passing it crosswise over the front of the narrow end. By now, a loop has formed and that is where the wide end should be passed, forming the third step. Knowing how to tie a tie is not so difficult after all.
The next step here is to hold the knot without tightening it and pass the wide end down all the way through the loop at the front. You are nearly done with your lesson on how to tie a tie.
Lastly, pull the narrow end of your tie through the knot. This is done to tighten it, since your tie is already formed. As you can see, it is very easy to learn. In fact, it has been nicknamed the simple tie knot. It has been around for a very long time, some people claim that the British invented it in the eighteenth century. That may be true but today everybody can learn how to tie a tie.

As a man, you do not have a lot of options when it comes to enhancing your outfit when you are wearing a suit. While it is true that an impeccable black suit with a white or pastel colored shirt matter in this equation, the tie is actually the focal point of your entire outfit. Bottom line, if you want to impress, then you need to learn to wear your tie. The reason why you should learn to tie a tie properly is that it will give you an air of professionalism in a work environment and it is a sign of maturity in almost all social contexts. Often enough you see men that either have the wide side too short and reaching in the middle of the chest. On several occasions, you will see men wearing an excessively long tie that goes passed the belt buckle. Even though those men are trying to adopt an office style, the truth is that they only manage to create a bad impression. However, to tie a tie is an easy task that will require a little bit of practice before you can master it. It’s amazing how many of us have had to wear a tie at some point in our lives, mainly at school and yet as time passes by most of us suddenly forget? Learning how to tie a tie properly is important, especially for situations such as job interviews. Looking smart and confident can have a major impact on your first impressions.
Tips On How To Tie A Bow Tie

Bow Tie

Maybe you are due to attend a formal function, you should learn tying a bow tie before that great day. It is particularly suitable for attending the so-called black tie occasions, for example, weddings, and it makes a fine accessory to a tuxedo. For those learning how to tie a tie, the rule of thumb for the bow tie is to have it wider than the broadest part of the neck. In addition, it should not extend below the tips of the collar of your shirt. For the actual process itself, it is not complicated. The first thing to do is to put the bow tie round your neck. This should be in a way that the “B” end is about two inches shorter than the “A” end. The “A” end is then crossed over to the “B” end. Then you bring the “A” end up through the loop. If you skip any step, then knowing how to tie this kind of knot on a tie may not be your objective. After that, the next thing to do is to double this “B” end over itself. The resulting loop is the front loop of the bow tie. Next, loop the “A” end to the loop in the face of the bow tie formed in the previous step. At this stage, ensuring that everything is in its right place is the right way to go in learning how to tie a tie. With that thought in mind, you should then double the “A” end onto itself before inserting it into the loop just behind the tie. If you have reached this step successfully, then you shall have known how to tie a tie. This is because the only thing that remains now is to adjust the tie. This is achieved by tugging the ends and by straightening the knot at the center. Those who want to know how to tie a tie should not do it once and conclude they are experts. This is something you need to practice. In fact, the more you practice the faster you will be. Check out how to tie a bow tie here for more information and instructions.
How To Tie A Windsor Knot

After learning to tie the Windsor knot, it is not easy to revert to other styles. This not is all about confidence and assuredness. It is a rather thick kind of knot, and is also a bit wide. The shape is triangular. This is the sort of thing you might want to wear to a job interview, for example. If you have a big day at the office, for example when you are scheduled to make a presentation, then you should dress sharply and feel confidence. If you do not know how to tie a tie, ensure that you get a friend or a colleague to help you learn or to tie it for you. To tie a Windsor knot, the first thing to do is to have your tie in your hands with the wide end on the right. This is the end shaped like a “W”, and it should be stretching to about one foot from the narrow end. That is the first step in learning how to tie a tie (a Windsor knotted tie). The next step is to get hold of the wide end and cross it over to the narrow end. You do not leave it there, the third step involves bringing the “W” through the loop (this is the loop between your tie and your collar). The fourth step involves bringing the wide end back down. After doing this, you pull it under the N end to the right, thought the loop (again) and to the right. If you do this exactly as you should, the wide end should be inside out by the time you get to this point. For those learning how to tie a tie, by this time you are about halfway through. The next step is to bring the wide to the left, across the front. You then draw it up through the circle one more time before bringing it downward through the already formed knot in front. Lastly, you should use both hands to move it up to the collar, tightening it up in the process.

Advice When Trying To ChooseThe Right Tie And Suit:

It’s time to choose the right tie What goes best with a dark gray suit and a light blue shirt? Many colors are appropriate, eg dark blue, pink and orange are also good. Choose some of the ties that would apply and extend your tie on the shirt in question and proceed to a finer choice. You will see: it’s not that hard. You have chosen a combination of colors in no time.

You chose a great jacket with blue tiles so one piece design. Now choose a shirt one color eg blue light or a shirt with drawings of tiny tiles. And do not forget rule number 1 “from large to small” and so the pieces lie on the bed. Now the tie. As the suit tiles dominates the rest of the outfit, you should move from a tie a tie design Choose one color eg red shade dull. The combination works well. You already have the combination of the two in many picture windows. You now know from what rules we shall make the selection.

You choose a solid color dark blue suit. You want to add a shirt with narrow stripes blue / white. A single color tie would of course like tie, but you can also combine a striped tie, if they are very wide. The rule with large drawing small drawing, you should definitely choose a design with large scratches.