Thursday, May 17, 2012

Upss! TV Reporter Caught on Camera While Lifting Skirt

New York, experienced an embarrassing incident a television reporter while a live broadcast. Action of a media reporter woman United States (U.S.), Bloomberg TV while lifting her skirt got caught on camera.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Wednesday (16/05/2012), the incident started when the microphone of a reporter who was discussing the movement of other stocks, experiencing technical problems. The camera was quickly switched to another reporter who is on his side.

But the reporter named Sara Eisen, not ready with the camera movement is too fast. Sara spotted directly disclose smoothed her skirt and she wore a red dress.

Spectators can catch a glimpse of underwear worn Sara. Of course this view to be an unusual sight for the category of news about the stock floor.

Fortunately, the incident lasted a very short when Sara noticed that the camera had panned him. Although time is a little surprised, Sara calmly lowers her skirt back and re-run the job. Smiling, he went on to discuss the news about the debate in the Spanish banking system.

Sara does not know how to react and Bloomberg TV over this incident. However, Sara now seems quite known by the internet users in the conversation lively.

Separately, one economics journalist was giving advice to other television journalists, to learn of incidents experienced by Sara. "You'd better be prepared for any condition that would happen to you. There may be a fall of the stock, or when the camera suddenly panned without you might guess," he said.

As an economic journalist at Bloomberg, Sara known or reliable in delivering news about the stock, foreign exchange and the European crisis. Sara is a graduate of the Medill School of Journalism in Illinois, USA, is also often perform overseas coverage. He's been covering the nuclear crisis in Japan, the economic conference in Siena, Italy, and a series of global meetings, held the G20 and the IMF.