Sunday, March 20, 2011

Asia Carrera :legend of queen pornstar with IQ 156

People may be more familiar with Asia Carrera as a player more than 250 pornographic films. But not many know he can play Bach on the piano at the age of 13. He studied economics and Japanese language at Rutgers. His IQ is 156 and 2 percent of people in the world terjenius.

In the world "pornstar" Asia Carrera, including the legendary existence. American women (U.S.) is known as the sexiest porn star and the hottest of the century. Not just a mere artist, Asia Carrera is a professional marketing expert to manage blue movie Management. To satisfy the penggemamya, Carrera has always taken the time to answer all incoming e-mail a question about him. And at the same time, he also sells the works of its blue films throughout the world.

Success as a porn star delivered it had become one of the richest people in the U.S.. In one week, Asia Carrera can raise money in 1000 dollars. But not as beautiful as one might imagine, life's journey Asia Carrera could not be separated from the ups and downs. Unlike karbitan artist, female owner of the bra 36 C is to start a career from scratch.

Before becoming a porn star, bloody Japanese German woman had become a bartender. According to him, is the easiest way to make money taken. At one party, he was asked by the manager of the bar to serve drinks with sexy dress and open the chest with a $ 100 honorarium. Without thinking, Carrera accept the offer. To eliminate the fear he drank vodka. Since then, Carrera began over the profession to be a stripper, a fee of 300 dollars. The beauty of the body and dancing skills that had made the evening's most expensive Carrera as a dancer in the United States.

Went on to become a stripper, like the Carrera venturing into film, which is a porn movie. One day he met a photographer. Asia Carrera asked herself to be photographed and published in a hot movie star. The first step is to list all the addresses and send personal photos and bio on all men's magazine. It to fruition. Carrera began to get offers to be a model in men's magazines. Slowly the picture vogue magazine readers and increase sales. This provides opportunities for success to be a movie star Carrera blue.

Recommendation on the photographer, in 1993 he moved to Los Angeles (LA). Armed with a suitcase and a teddy bear favorit, Asia Carrera move to LA. There he became acquainted with the director of a porn star. For Carrera, a poren star is a fun job, which can generate a lot of money. Although the work was opposed by his parents, but Carrera ignore it. Being a porn star has become the choice of his life.

Since becoming a blue movie star, Asia Carrera has played as many as 250 blue movies. That beat the other porn stars, including Jade Marcela, Indonesia porn star. Carrera has a different type of dap porn movie scene, from conventional to modern style. Of which Adam and Eve Signature Series One, produced in 2000; Adventures of Mighty Man, the production of 1994, the American Dream Girls, production in 1996; Anal Adventures of Suzy Superslut, production of 1994, Art of Deception, 1996; Bangkok Boobarella, production in 1996; Best Sex in the West, the production of 1997; and Bad Sister, The 1997.

Unfortunately his career success is not matched the success of the household. December 19, 1993 she was divorced by Don Lemmon. In this marriage he was blessed with a daughter named Catalina. In the same month and year, she married again with Bud Lee, director of blue movies. In this second marriage he had felt true love. For Carrera, Bud Lee is the husband but also a friend who can understand the lack of dap excess.

Life Twists
Asia Carrera comes from an educated family. His father was a mathematical physicist dap. Both parents want the school at Harvard, became pengecara or doctor. But, Carrera chose to study piano and "hanging out" with her friends.

Towards the anniversary of 17 years, Carrera to leave home. "Hanging out" with the band rock n 'roll and colleagues. The help of his friends, he remains the school. Do not want to depend on his friend, he tried to find work. Since he was not yet 17 years old, no company is willing to accept them as employees.

He also had lived in the dormitory of street children with a foster mother. Turned out to live with a foster mother did not change his fate. The pattern of educating foster mother with the birth mother: harsh, discipline, and should not be playing. Have much to learn. This condition makes it revolted, and after high school graduation Asia Carrera return home to escape from a foster mother.

With the establishment of the firm, he believes, one day her life would settle down, to be rich. Asia Carrera gets the scholarships, the school went to Rutgers University Business School. In addition to pay for college, scholarship money is also exploited for the cost of living. While in college, Carrera worked as a bartender at the cafe. His life began to improve. He no longer rely on begging and scholarships.

That's it. Several years as a bartender, he started over the profession to be a stripper. Gradually his name became known. Before becoming a blue movie actress, she is also known as a dancer at night. His expertise makes lust shook the Adam hooked. He had invited many guests, and a bar selling power to the manager.

Asia Carrera; Go The Genius Club
Unfortunately, sex life and to mutually couple in the film, making him have to deal with AIDS. This porn legend, was forced to "give up" and died of AIDS