Friday, November 19, 2010

Hot Asia Girl

Impulsive, naughty, poised yet childlike, Zhang Ziyi is the daughter of an economist father and a kindergarten teacher mother, and is a native Beijinger. Zhang feels she worked hard from an early age. She left home at 11 and remembers climbing out of bed at 5 a.m. to study gymnastics and never sleeping until 11 p.m. Competition was an early feature of her life. "The girls at my school were competing for status, for leadership, for the affection of teachers. And I hated it. It was a dark time." So dark that she ran away from school at 13, causing her parents to call the police to track her down. "I wanted to escape so badly, so I hid in a little thicket of grass. I could hear all the teachers calling my name, but it was only when I heard my Mom's voice that I came out. It was a fleeting kind of escape."
-Time Asia, Dec/11/00

Zhang Ziyi is perhaps the most well known Chinese actress in America. Listed as one of the most famous Chinese actors and actresses in Hollywood, she is charming and talented. She is smart and capable. At our Chinese learning center, we would like present you with Ziyi, one of the most promising stars in China.

With the role in Memoirs of A Geisha, Ziyi has gained more positive publicity and popularity in America, but more of a negative publicity in mainland China, because of the unease feelings between Chinese people and Japanese people.

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